So, If You Eat Cookies, You Must Play More Golf?

I better eat fruit so I don’t have to chase that infernal ball around for 2 whole hours!


Spending that much time on perfectly manicured grounds would be so tedious! Two hours! Ludicrous.We should definitely all pick the fruit so we have time for meaningful things like doing our taxes.

Golf. Pshaw.

Disclaimer: I don’t golf. I consider golf courses to be a waste of perfectly good rifle ranges.

8 thoughts on “So, If You Eat Cookies, You Must Play More Golf?”

  1. Bugger! It used to take me more than 2 hours to get around a miniature golf range, much less a whole pasture full of holes.

    Roger on the Rifle Range though and the Holes are just about the right distances.

  2. I have always believed that there is a way of combining sporting clays and golf…… there should be a offence and defense

  3. I tried golfing once, but got chased off the course before I even hit the 6th hole by outraged golfers. Apparently you’re not supposed to use a 12-gage on other golfers’ golfballs. 20-gage, maybe? I dunno.
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  4. I always wonder how many calories are used up by the burning rage I feel in response to being told I must “earn” my food by activity. Or when I’m told how much better it is to drag my bum hip up four flights of stairs (in dress shoes) than taking the elevator is.
    fillyjonk´s last blog post ..And it’s Friday

  5. I also have to note those are some damn big cookies if each one has 220 calories. The typical cookie I eat ranges from 70-100. And it makes me sad that I even have to know that.

    maybe they’re actually oatmeal-raisin donuts?
    fillyjonk´s last blog post ..And moving forward

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