Oklahoma Aquarium Trip March 2014

Edit: Well that didn’t work too well. Sorry if you saw the gibberish

Took a school trip to the Oklahoma Aquarium last Friday. Thought I’d share some of my pictures with all of you.

We had a Starfish just letting it all hang out.

And just for Tam since she provided the nightmare fuel. I know, that’s a moray.

A lionfish.

Gasp! I just showed you a beaver!

All the colors!

And what trip to the aquarium would be complete without cookbooks for all the things you just saw!

You can see the rest here.

9 thoughts on “Oklahoma Aquarium Trip March 2014”

  1. A Beaver in an aquarium? OK…But then your blog came through the first time in script…. I took the best pictures with my “underwater” camera in an aquarium….Didn’t even get wet. Just remember to turn off the flash.

    1. Yeah, Flickr has a share to WordPress button. Tried it, got gibberish. So I redid it the long way. Hubby’s camera is waterproof. He got some cool shots too that he hasn’t shared yet. These are all from my Nikon D3100. Definitely not waterproof.

  2. Old joke re: how to tell the difference between northern and southern zoos:

    The northern zoo has a picture of the animal and a description of its habitate on the side of the cage. The southern zoo has that as well – along with at least one recipe.

  3. When-a da eel bite-a you face,
    ‘Cause-a you get inna his space,
    That’s a Moray!

    (To the tune of “That’s Amore”.)

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