This Pit Bull Should Die

Yes, this one.

via Daily Mail
via Daily Mail

This one should not.

from 2011

The first dog pictured is Mickey. Mickey is a poorly socialized, aggressive, violent dog. He also has a petition signed by over 44,000 attempting to stop him from being put to sleep.

The second dog is Taz who has no need for a legal defense team because he’s never mauled a 4 year old child. Or any child for that matter. Taz is well socialized and well adjusted. He’s my brother’s dog.

Both are pit bulls. That’s all they have in common.

Personally, I would not have a large breed in my home at this time. Yes, I recognize that many of them are wonderful dogs. I love Taz and always enjoy my time around him. But having a dog that is physically capable of inflicting serious injury requires more work than I am willing to take on at this time. Anyone wanting to share their lives with one of these animals needs to understand the responsibility they are taking on. I do not currently have the resources.

Unfortunately, not being able to handle a dog like this does not keep some people from taking them on. Taz is stronger than I am. The only reason I can control him is because he knows that he is a dog and thus of lesser rank than humans. He could overpower me if he ever got it into his head to do so. If he ‘snapped’ and attacked me, I would have no choice other than to shoot him.Thankfully, he is so well behaved that there is very little risk of that.

Mickey, on the other hand, needs to die.

I don’t really subscribe to the idea of a ‘bad’ dog. Dogs do not act with malice. He was just being a dog and protecting his food. His owner really is the ‘bad’ one. The owner is the one that failed here, along with the other adults that did not keep Kevin out of radius of the chain. Unfortunately, Mickey will have to pay the price for the failure. Once dogs exhibit this kind of aggression, the chances of rehabilitation are slim to none. It’s not Mickey’s fault, but Mickey already believes that mauling a child is an appropriate thing to do. There are plenty of dogs in need of homes that do not have a history of violence.

It says something truly terrible about our society when 44,000 take the dog’s side over the child. They’ve forgotten that human life is more valuable than that of this animal. They’ve donated money to Mickey’s legal defense rather than to the Kevin’s medical fund. It’s sick.

There should be no debate here. Euthanize Mickey.

Obviously, I am not anti-pit. That’s my kid laying on top of Taz in that second picture. Pit bulls and other powerfully built dogs can be wonderful pets, but they come with a very serious responsibility. I will have another one someday when I have the appropriate resources. I miss having a rottweiler around.

Dogs are wonderful creatures. Understand that when you bring one into your home, you become their pack. You must be the alpha of that pack, no exceptions. Your expectations must be clear to your dog or your dog will be ill-mannered, unhappy, and potentially dangerous. This goes for the little ones too. Understand that your dog will behave as it was bred to behave in many ways. It is your responsibility to channel their instincts in a positive direction.

(h/t Matt Walsh-Yikes! That comment section!)

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  1. Unfortunately, it’s not just large breed dogs (or those seen as being “large breed” or “dangerous breed” dogs) that hurt and maim children. Almost any dog can, and many smaller breeds are temperamentally unsuitable for being around kids who don’t understand how to deal with pets.

    I’ve seen serious, critical injuries to children from pit bulls, Rottweilers, and Dobermans, but I’ve also seen kids who were nearly killed by Dalmations, labs, chows, huskies, and other smaller or mid-size breeds.

    I’m not saying that any animal that mauls a child should be spared. I’m agreeing that it’s not the breed of the dog that is the issue, in any way at all.

        1. as someone starting to get heavily involved in the breed, the worst thing ever is finding someone boasting about their “King” or “Warlock” dobe. lololno, that’s just a crappily bred dog from either a puppy mill or some moron who has no idea what they’re doing with the dogs. they’re meant to be compact and agile medium-sized dogs, not almost the size of a small Great Dane.

  2. i’d love to see something done to the idiots who mistreated that dog to the point he felt he had to act out. it’s always the animals who suffer, and that just isn’t fair to them.

    and, it’s true…some dogs just can’t be rehabilitated. a friend rescued a dobe from a bad situation and ended up putting him down after the dog bit my friend, his roommate, and his father. it was an awful situation all around and my friend was a wreck for a long while afterward.

    1. Amen to that!
      Thankfully, putting them down is painless and not punishment. It’s really the most humane way to handle this sort of situation. A dog living this way is not happy. Releasing them from it is sometimes the most merciful thing that can be done.

      1. agreed. and i like your word choice: this really is a release. release from pain, from fear, from their demons…whatever it is, they’re no longer going to be unhappy.

  3. People are blaming a four year old kid? There’s a reason that, legally, dogs are designated an “attractive nuisance”, just like swimming pools — kids who are FAR too young to reasonably be expected to know safe conduct around them are nonetheless attracted to them. Which is why, as the owner, it is YOUR job to dhelter the dog from the kids, and vice versa.

    I agree, once the dog has learned it is “OK” to do that level of damage to a human, he cannot be trusted. Not because he’s a bad dog, but because you cannot REASON with a dog.

  4. Our Molly Brown was one of the most kind, loving dogs I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. We moved from east to west Tennessee, and had Molly tied in the front yard of our new house. We didn’t know it but some neighborhood kids were tormenting Molly, she had crawled under some bushes to try to get away from them. She never growled, she never snapped at a kid. We ran the kids off and took poor Molly in the house. But, I can also say that I never worried when I was traveling on business. Molly would do anything to protect my wife and daughter.

    Pit bulls are kind, loving dogs if they are raised properly.

    Your semi-frequent reader


  5. The problem is… is that I seen a 5 year old girl get her face chewed off, literally, by a Pit . I don’t like the dogs at all., and once you see what 1 dog can do your mind is set after that. Can you blame me? … It is always set in my mind that they are not suitable for family. I seen the girl, you would not want to see it, It would be better if you don’t see it. Her face was totally destroyed, like elephant man. Please don’t get one of them.

  6. Well said, Jennifer. I love dogs including pit bulls. But when I first read Mickey’s story (and saw the photos of the boy he mangled so horribly), I couldn’t believe that many people wanted to save him. You’re right. It’s not Mickey’s fault. But you’re also right; he’s the very definition of a dangerous dog. Damn shame. But that’s a dog that needs to die.

    Beautiful photo of Taz amp; friend, too.

  7. When I was a kid (4-5 years old), my parents had a standard poodle. Sweet pet for a growing family of four kids, the youngest twin boys newborns. That summer, I was playing in the back yard with him when he started chewing on my ear and shoving my face into the dirt. Turned out that he had contracted distemper. My parents got him off me, and had to have him put down. Doesn’t matter why, disease, temperament, bad training. It happens, some dogs must die.

  8. Hmmm…..part of me wants to spare the dog, because like you said it is not the dogs fault. But, would I take this dog into my home even after he was rehabilitated? No, I could not take the risk with my family, so I say euthanize poor Mickey. I understand why they want to save Mickey, but I wonder how many of them would take Mickey to rehabilitate or take him after he was rehabilitate?
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  9. I think he could be rehabilitated. But it would require a home with not only the skills and dedication to do so, but a home with no children, no children planned, and no children who visit on a regular basis. And homes of that type are limited. So unfortunately euthanasia is likely the best option.

    Personally I’ll not be donating to either side, but I have to admit that I sympathize more with those who donate to the dog’s care. The kid’s got not only his parents, but any funds that result from legal proceedings, and possibly even the assistance of the .GOV if he or his parents qualify. Dog’s got nothing.

      1. At the risk of coming across as cynical then: he probably really does qualify for assistance then.

        Actually I think the person who apparently had no second thought to allowing children play in the same yard as an unsocialized untrained and apparently known aggressive dog was a good a idea should be the one paying for his medical (or at least shouldering the debt for it), but I doubt we’ll get that lucky.

        1. I’m sure he will. And he’ll spend his life in a state hospital.

          I understand not wanting to donate towards this child’s care, but I do not understand fighting to save this dog. I’m an animal lover too, but I would direct my charity to a far more worthwhile endeavor. This dog doesn’t need a legal defense, he needs a lethal injection.

  10. Someone once commented “You’re afraid of dogs.” My response was: “No. I’m not afraid of dogs. I’m afraid of how dogs I don’t know well may have been socialized (or not) by their owners.”

    I don’t think it’s the dog, it’s the owner. Unfortunately, it’s the dog that winds up suffering for its owner’s stupidity/cruelty/selfishness.
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    1. “I don’t think it’s the dog, it’s the owner.”
      not always. temperament plays a huge role in a dog’s behavior and it cannot be trained out.

  11. It’s not just dogs…the 22# cat that attacked the family in CA (really? They didn’t have a bedspread/blanket or anything in that bedroom he could have tossed over the cat?) went on the attack because the child had pulled it’s tail. Doesn’t matter what the species is-the adults have an obligation to supervise children around any animal. I cringed when my niece got a guinea pig for Christmas. Even with helicopter adults she still had a tendency to squeeze and piggy would bite.

    1. that cat…i really feel awful for it. the owner admitted in a recorded conversation that he kicked the cat away from the kid. based on the context clues he provided in the call, here’s what i think happened:
      kid got too close to cat (i didn’t read the tail was pulled – that’s new info for me). cat hissed/swatted, cut the kid’s forehead a LITTLE (owner eventually admitted there were small cuts, not a giant gas like he initially said), so instead of picking up either the child or the cat the owner kicked the cat. cat then went into KILL ALL HUMANS mode. based on how nonchalantly the owner admitted to kicking him, chances are this is something that has happened frequently in the cat’s life (the kicking, not necessarily the swatting of the baby).

      those humans have no business keeping pets if kicking the animal is an acceptable recourse when there’s a problem.

      1. Never Kick a cat or mistreat a cat. The old superstition is you get 7 years bad luck. You would be better off picking on a dog. Cats were sacred to the gods. Just a note on that. Not that it means much but Karma will follow you.

  12. I have a 14+ year-old pit bull. Found him as a pup, out in the woods, while hunting, a good 10 miles from a paved road or human habitation. Don’t know how he got there, but I hope the sorry bastard that dumped him burns in Hell.

    He’s the calmest, gentlest dog I’ve ever known, and is endlessly patient with puppies, kittens, and small children. My granddaughter took her first steps with a death-grip on his lower lip, and when she fell down, she forgot to let go. He stood there, patiently waiting for one of us to get her untangled, and when she tried again a few minutes later, he was right there, waiting for her.

    There’s gonna be a big empty space here at Rancho Imperfecto when he cashes in his chips.

    There really aren’t any bad dogs. But there’s a bunch of shitty owners out there.

  13. As western civilization gets replaced by The Idiocracy, we see more and more irresponsible people who do not exert control over their barking, yapping, charging and snapping dogs. “Oh, I can’t believe he did that! He’s never acted like that before!” (Which is an obvious lie.) I hear them shouting at the dog to come here, with the dog charging neighbor children, completely ignoring the owner. But, then again, the same people tend to live their own lives irresponsibly off the rest of us, so why should we be surprised when they don’t control the animal they bought (or stole). But, in this bizarre culture, there is no repercussion for quite literally biting the hands that feed you. Indeed, it’s become a national sport and a major political party’s campaign platform.
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  14. Arpaio announced the Mickey Cam last night. It wasn’t bad enough that a majority of attention and support from the public, media and authorities went to the dog, now it gets a webcam. It’s just so unbelievably insensitive to the Vincente’s tragedy.

    Kevin is still having surgeries, and is in constant pain. They have very little money since his mom can’t work because she has to be with him to help him recover, but he’s afraid to be away from her anyway.

    If another personal fundraiser isn’t set up in the next 24 hours, I think I’ll start one, to help take the sting out of Arpaio’s latest slap in the face.

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