April Fools?

I’m not buying it. No way April can possibly out fool March. And I cannot possibly provide you a better joke than current events.

Maybe that’s it. It’s not a movie after all, it’s just the most epic April Fool’s Day prank ever.

Pic via RNS
Pic via RNS

5 thoughts on “April Fools?”

  1. The “Fools” are the people that voted for him and the rest of the Wacko liberals there in Commifornia.

  2. Heh. That’s a brilliant graphic. /saved.

    Almost 2.5m laundered through through the feds sourced from drug sales, illegal gambling rings and pot grows. His parents must be proud.

  3. Wasn’t it W. C. Fields who said “I was once told to write a funny story about a man who stole a million dollars and spent it all on riotous living in Philidelphia. I couldn’t think of anything funnier than the fact itself.”

  4. This may be answered at the source, but that ‘gun’ is confusing me. Am I just hallucinating (entirely possible at 1am) or is that mag well completely solid? I’ve never tried to load an AR through the ejection port, but i get the vague sort of feeling it doesn’t work. In fact, the entire thing looks… funky. Almost like they just 3d printed the outline of an AR and called it a functional gun.

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