I Picked Up The Crud

And it seems to be holding the funny hostage. Go read hubby instead.

Actually, make sure you hit this one too. Not funny, but really good information.

I’ll just be over here wrapped in my awesome blanket with my snuggly critters. And hey, I have successfully consumed 6 club crackers without incident and have no brain cravings to report.

7 thoughts on “I Picked Up The Crud”

    1. I’m trying but it’s sticky! It’s like when you peel the label off of something and then you can’t get rid of it. You think you’ve gotten rid of it only to find it stuck to the back of your pants.

  1. The whole country has this damn thing. I’m on 2 weeks now and still coughing and hacking up a lung. A buddy’s wife had to go to the ER the other day, and they have beds in the hallways with people with it.
    Chad´s last blog post ..Reloading!

    1. Oh yuck. Sorry to hear you’re sick. Mine isn’t that crud. This is some stomach bug, no hacking involved. General weakness and fatigue. Back at work today, for what that’s worth.

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