Andrew Branca on Stand Your Ground

This is perfect. Andrew Branca of Law of Self Defense recently debated Stand Your Ground at UC Berkeley. Here are his opening remarks.

Honestly, there is nothing more to be said here. He explained it clearly and succinctly, and in my opinion, won the debate before it even started.

If you care about self defense and the laws surrounding it*, you should be following Andrew Branca.

*This should include roughly 150% of my readership.

8 thoughts on “Andrew Branca on Stand Your Ground”

  1. Mr. Branca is indeed well-spoken, but that doesn’t really make up for his tardiness on the issue does it? Not that I don’t appreciate his efforts; it is indeed most important that the truth of the law become more widely understood, but I can’t help just a splash of sour with my w(h)ine on this one.
    Will Brown´s last blog post ..Good News

      1. Oh, I have his book (2nd edition, paperback) along with the Vilos bros.’ Self Defense Laws of All 50 States. I suppose I was moaning about the “famous author” advantage as much as anything else.

        On a more serious note, I do think his speech left out the very important difference between the various state’s legal definitionm of “self defense”, especially since being able to successfully make that claim is essential to the “stand your ground” legal principle. Massachussetts, for example, has no legal statute that deliniates what “self defense” comprises of. I know he was severely time limited, but 5 seconds noting that every state has different legal standards for self defense; know your’s does seem an important oversight for such a debate, and worth pointing out. Which I should have done initially. My bad.
        Will Brown´s last blog post ..Good News

        1. It’s an important point for an instructional speech. It’s an opening for your opponent to dissemble in a debate.

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