Combating Evil One Hashtag at a Time

…with signs? on Twitter? For the love of…

Just go read Larry’s post.





Oh! You came back. I can’t really add anything here, but that’s never stopped me from trying before.

Seriously folks? Signs and hashtags and selfies? Really? I’m sure those big bad kidnappers that had no problem abducting innocent girls with the plan to sell them are kicking themselves now. I mean, their evilness is totally trending. They’re never going to bring up their Klout score now. #unfriend #unfollow #uncool

I bet they are totes going to give those girls back now. And they’re going to film it so it goes viral on YouTube. #winning

Dance Monkey makes pouty face, changes world. #filmat11 #firstworldsolutions

Because that’s exactly how brutal warlords do things. They make sure they are in consensus with popular opinion and act accordingly so as not to be shamed. #howitworks

#eyeroll #facepalm #sarcasm

Fun fact: This post contains more hashtags than every other entry combined #uselesstrivia


5 thoughts on “Combating Evil One Hashtag at a Time”

  1. Larry has it in a nut shell.
    I read a 12 man solution for the middle east..Fellow said, ” 3, B-52’s then go back and drill when the glass cools.”

  2. Remember, for liberals, results don’t matter. What’s important is intent and how good they feel about themselves for caring.

    Hashtags, it’s what leftists do instead of something.

  3. Gotta wholeheartedly agree with Larry’s post. And with Randy’s comment, as well. He beat me to the “hashtags/selfies/poster-board signs make the hippydippy left feel good…and as long as they feel good, then all must be right with the world and all the bad things will magically disappear in a cloud of unicorn farts and leprechaun dandruff.” Of course, since Randy already posted the same sentiment, I didn’t really need to post mine own, but the “leprechaun dandruff” bit was too good to let slip.
    RabidAlien´s last blog post ..In the category of “I sincerely hope so…”

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