Activism: Ur Doin It Wrong

I’m a fan of open carry. I think everyone should have the right to do it if they so choose. I support the various efforts to make it legal in places where it currently is not.

But this?


No, just no. Stop helping.

You want to normalize the sight of guns in public? Great! Act normal. Like Tam says, “There’s a difference between just carrying a gun and carrying a gun AT people.”

Just like Starbucks just wants to peddle overpriced coffee, Chipotle just wants to sell overpriced burritos (and there are much better sources for both). Neither establishment is asking you to hunt down and kill the beans yourself.


6 thoughts on “Activism: Ur Doin It Wrong”

  1. That guy on the right probably just can’t. stop. touching. it.

    Impulse control should be an OC requirement, dontcha think?

  2. Dang !!! I get nervous anytime I see a “Cross Dresser” with a rifle.

    And……Are those “Stacked Heels” he’s wearing?

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