A Double Header!

In the weird dreams department.


Michael and I finally got the time and money to go on a real vacation. We picked a grand hotel with an unusual attraction. From the top floor of the hotel, you could hop on a zip line that would take you through a portal to Brazil.

Wheee! Once in Brazil, you had to find the special train that could take you back to the basement of the hotel. It was not just some normal subway train either, oh no! To board the train, you had to stand on a special platform which dropped you down into the train.

The people in Brazil wore only t-shirts and roller skates. Yes, that was all. Yes, they were very well groomed, of course*.

So I woke from that, as one would and settled back down.

There was a casual dining restaurant built into a cliff face overlooking the water. The restaurant was long and narrow to allow for all patrons to enjoy the view. I was meeting some friends for lunch and was walking through looking for their table. Something caught my attention and I spun around to see what was behind me. It was me. With a short pixie haircut and dressed like a fairy (The glitter and wishes kind, not the flamboyant gay kind). She (I?) raised her (my?) bow and aimed an arrow at me (erm?). Just then, some kind of sprite materialized and threw something at the fairy causing her to miss her shot. She gasped and collapsed onto the floor.

I ran to her aid. (Why I would attempt to help someone that was trying to shoot me, I have no idea.) She confirmed that she had indeed been sent to shoot me for reasons** and to save her I would have to catch the sprite. I would have to catch him in an enchanted butterfly net and pour him into a jar.

So off I ran through the restaurant toppling tables and upsetting guests on my way. I caught him just outside the restaurant headed down the rocks towards the water. Unfortunately, I had broken the jar when I stumbled on said rocks. I decided to improvise and shove him into a discarded beer bottle that I found on the beach.

With bottled sprite*** in hand, I returned to the restaurant to hand him over to the fairy me. She took the bottle, shook it up, and drank the sprite. And then she shot me with an arrow.

The End

*Apparently even my subconscious can’t resist a terrible joke.

**It’s always for reasons

***I know, visual puns are bad, m’kay

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