How To Tuesday Like Jennifer

Put on some four inch heels.

Add some wishful thinking

And then dash your own hopes by proving that the file cabinet is apparently not Jennifer proof.

Drive home in rush hour with smashed and swelling finger extended.


Because of course it would be that finger*.

Have a delicious dinner that pales in comparison to even more delightful company. Nothing better than embracing a good friend for the first time. Except maybe the gazillionth time because one can never overflow that particular cup. Share all the laughs and stories that make a tribal gathering great.

Finish the evening with a bourbon on the patio considering a jacket in July, completely forgetting to pull the evening’s pictures off of your camera. (See that link? Brigid has pictures up. Go see hers. No, I’m not really that tall. Remember the shoes?)

Open the windows to enjoy the unseasonably cool weather.

Yeah, it was a good day. I’m calling it a win.

*Didn’t break it. Just bruised it. Most of the swelling was gone by morning.


9 thoughts on “How To Tuesday Like Jennifer”

  1. I had SO much fun (and yes, I had a tiny little scotch when I got in for the night. Thanks again for the invite, and also the excellent directions to get me pointed towards the right state so I didn’t end up in Kansas City or something. Your freeway directions were perfect and I found my way out of OKC proper without fuss.

    Til next time! (and if I wear my Monty Python and the Holy Grail Rabbit slippers I’m at least a half inch taller).

  2. So glad the finger is ok! I was wondering if you were gonna get the rubber knife award there for a minute! Glad you got to meet Brigid, she seems like such a lovely lady. 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing you in October, much fun to be had! Love ya lots!

  3. Jealous!!!! But also glad y’all had a great evening! We need to make a road-trip up north ourselves sometime soon, its been waaay too long!

    And regarding the file-cabinet injury….I stand by my FB post.

  4. Did you say bourbon ? Humm Yeah.. That is good stuff. Oh the finger…..put some ice and some icy hot on that . Trust me , it will bring the bruise out in the open so we can see it 🙂 take some pain pills. 🙂

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