A Girl’s Best Friend

As promised, I have pictures. I haven’t finished my coffee, and so therefore they are not good pictures. We will see if I can do better once I am fully awake.

First, my original set. These are very special. We were VERY poor at the time. We have a family friend that makes jewelry out of his home. He does beautiful work. Michael talked to him and was able to design our wedding set. We took a cylinder of wax and carved the molds in my little apartment. Michael made my ring and I made his. There were slivers of wax forever ground into the couch. I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but my ring is two tone. It is yellow gold around the band and white gold on the infinity symbol. We chose that symbol because the traditional unbroken band of gold seems to have lost some significance in our society.

As pointed out on Casto Creations, handmade items are far superior for all the reasons she cited and then some. My ring is one of a kind, even if all of you copy it now that the picture is on the interwebs, my ring always will be the only one like it.

This is the re-engagement ring

Ooh! Aah! Yes, I thought you might be impressed. He did very well. He went to the previously mentioned jeweler. In fact, we just visited him last night to have it sized. It was really cool to stand there and watch while he cut out a piece of the platinum and then soldered it back together. The process is fascinating.

And here is the whole shebang all together. He cleaned and polished everything last night so it is all very shiny.

I don’t know how long I will actually wear it all together. Maybe just for now, or maybe until we get our re-statement bands. We’ve been working on the design for the new bands for some time now. It is finally time for them to start becoming a reality.

So there you have it. You have the pictures and the story. Also, I can give you contact information for the jeweler, serious inquiries only.

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