You Are Not Alone

I’m no stranger to depression, and I’m glad everyone is talking about it. As I said elsewhere

I, for one, am glad we’re talking about this. Depression lies and not even fame and fortune can drown it out. Of course, his decision wasn’t right, but he apparently felt like it is all he had. And the very fact that so many were touched by his life and feeling the loss proves that he was wrong. Proves that he did mean something to so many people. Maybe someone else that is feeling so alone can hear that message and make a better choice. Calling it selfish is cruel over-simplification. Instead, lets point out the ripples of heartache and pain. Focus on the brilliance and the gifts bestowed on all of us. The tragedy of it all is that he forgot. Depression’s lies drowned out everything else for him. 
There are many of us out there that fight with depression on a regular basis. The extroverts among us usually hide it pretty well. To see someone that seemed to be winning that battle lose it after so many years is rough. I haven’t seen anyone celebrating or glorifying his death, instead pointing out the tragedy of a life ended too soon.

The pain of depression is very, very real. The desire to end it all to make it go away is strong. Don’t. Even if you escape your demons in the end, you leave them for someone else. Someone you love will find you and they will have to deal with not only your remains but the very demons you hoped to silence. And some new ones as well.

When it feels like it is too much, get help. It probably is too heavy for you to lift alone. One man couldn’t lift a train, but it was nothing when the burden was shared. Your load is no different, and you will be amazed at how many will volunteer to lift it.

Depression lies. Depression tells you that you are alone and that you don’t matter. It tells you that no one cares. Depression kills but only if you let it. Only if you listen. Depression speaks with the devil’s tongue.

You, the real you-the one behind the mask, matter. Peek around that wall. You are not alone. Your spark is precious.

Yesterday, depression lied to 22 veterans and 1 Robin Williams. The monkey stopped dancing, and I’m not laughing. Tomorrow it will lie to more people. We need to keep talking about it. Maybe if we do, we’ll start to drown out the lies.

Jenny, the Blogess, linked a piece she wrote earlier this year that deserves re-reading. I’ll just leave you with her words.

Tell someone that you love them, or that they’re important.  And tell yourself.  Because it’s true.

12 thoughts on “You Are Not Alone”

  1. I definitely agree with what you have said. Harming yourself is not the answer regardless of how you feel. Due to some relatives with depression I have been recently doing some study on this as well and have learned some interesting information. I would be remiss if I didn’t pass it on to someone that it might help.
    Scientifically speaking, some studies of long term outcomes for depressed people have indicated that taking standard anti-depressants long-term may contribute to more severe and more frequent depressive episodes. This is contrary to conventional wisdom, but needs to be evaluated more thoroughly. If you are interested in reading the scientific articles behind this conclusion, and a not strictly scientific analysis of those articles, visit
    FYI – I am not in any way affiliated with this person or his website, I just think it is valuable information that needs to be considered by people with this condition.

  2. Hello Jennifer! Its mikeman again (the guy who got mad at you over the Zimmerman case. lol). I just wanted to say thanks a lot for this post. I know that I don’t comment on this blog a lot, but I do pop in to read what you have to say every now and then. I love your words of wisdom. I’m no stranger to depression either. At 22-years-old, I’ve already come close to doing some regrettable stuff. But looking at all that has passed in hindsight, I realize now how blinded I was by my own despair. I realized how invaluable I am in the eyes of so many people (I’m a an aspiring writer). Well, I don’t want to make this post too long, but once again – thanks for your words. I hope this little testimony will give some readers hope. (P.S., ebola reminds me of zombies, too.)

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