Hot Dogs for the Homeless!

Here I go again! It’s time to do something ridiculous for a good cause!

The donation link is now live

So, what silliness will inspire you to donate? Just $5 gets you a chance at a prize. What other madness would you like to see? I’m not a skilled enough gamer to get you a speed run on anything. But I could be convinced to take a life-sized cardboard cutout of the duck hunt dog we all love to hate out to the woods and show him some 12 gauge justice.











You know you want to see that happen, right? If my readers can drum up $100, we’ll make it happen. (email me your receipts jennifer AT injennifershead DOT com) I’ll keep a running total.

Ideas for additional goals? Drop them in the comments. I may even have a couple of things I could auction off for the cause. Stay tuned.

ETA: Hot Dogs for the Homeless is a registered 501c3. Information available by request.

$15 $20 $100 so far! Boom! It is done.

One thought on “Hot Dogs for the Homeless!”

  1. OK, my gaming skills are getting the third highest score on the Asteroids game at the laundromat in Toad Suck, Arkansas (don’t ask) but I’m IN!

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