Kilted To Kick Cancer

As you all know, we’ve been very active in raising money for Kilted to Kick Cancer since the inception of the project. Now that it is its very own bonafide charity, the boys in non-bifurcated garments can do even more of the great work they started a few years back. The goal is very near and dear to our hearts. My granddad survived prostate cancer as did Michael’s, but it wasn’t without fighting. And the fight left scars which never left them. If you don’t already, you will know someone that will fight this too.

Yes, we are still actively supporting the KtKC drive this year. Michael is wearing his kilt and soliciting donations. We will get pictures up to prove it soon. But we are playing the game a little differently this time around.

There is no Team Evylrobot. I know, but don’t worry, we’ll still break out the shenanigans.

What we are going to do instead is highlight some of the teams that are playing this year and encourage you to support them.

First up: Borepatch


Borepatch isn’t doing this just to impress the ladies, that’s just a side benefit. No, this battle is personal. Prostate cancer took his dad.

There’s an added incentive too. The first twenty donations of $50 or more via Team Borepatch will receive an autographed copy of the amazing The Book Of Barkley.

Why is it so important to support this charity? Because Brigid’s dad is fighting this battle now. If you are a man, you may very well be fighting it someday too. If you love a man, know this is a battle that he may have to fight. This research gives him the weapons.

I support this charity for a multitude of reasons*. But right here is the big one.

Kid got some air
Kid got some air

That kid flying through the air is my son. With enough support, maybe, just maybe they can cure this thing before it’s a battle he has to fight.

Please consider donating to this very worthy cause. And when you do, you should know that your money is not going to line the pockets of some CEO. The guys behind this are donating their time and skills. So please, hit the donation button and pick a team. Team Borepatch would not be a bad choice at all, but really, every dollar is going to a truly great cause.

*another being that men look mighty fine in kilts. I endorse any and all reasons to see more of them.

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