LOL! Whut?

So Taurus has decided that real pistols have curves.

Yes, really

Pic via Guns and Ammo

I guess they’re:

All about that base, ’bout that base, no safety.

All about that base, ’bout that base, no safety.

Yeah, it’s pretty clear, they ain’t got a clue

But they can sell it, sell it

Like they’re supposed to do

‘Cause they’ll put that boom boom straight down your right thigh

All the loud noises in all the wrong places.

Yeah, my salesman he told me don’t worry about the sights

He says, “Bad guys only come after booty at night.”


Instead of sights, it’s got cross hairs painted on the back of the slide because they intended it for point shooting. And a laser and light. But it does come with a handy dandy belt clip so you can go ahead and shove this striker fired double action lead tosser right on into your pants without a holster, as RECOMMENDED BY THE MANUFACTURER. You know, because everyone likes extra holes in their bodies due to exposed triggers.

No, just no. Don’t do this. This is a terrible idea. Yes, I saw the corny trigger protector they are including. *blink* Because that thing looks reliable. Well, maybe on the Taurus scale of reliability.

I am not generally one to bash a new product prior to ever actually putting my hands on it, but this thing is a joke. It’s a gimmick designed to separate some poor schmuck from their cash. But worse than that, it’s a dangerous gimmick. Someone is going to shove this bad boy into their sweatpants and wind up with a very loud scar. At best.

I agree with Caleb here, and think they put just as much thought into the pistol design as they did their promotional page.

Edited to update to double action rather than striker fired

13 thoughts on “LOL! Whut?”

  1. And this will suck for left-handers. And anyone wanting a backup gun to carry on the left.

    And, frankly, after reading about the Taurus striker-fired pistols the Brazilian cops are sending back because the damn things FIRE WHEN THEY’RE SHAKEN HARD…

  2. My first thoughts when I saw this abomination…

    1. Right. Taurus can’t get their traditional guns to run reliably so why not bend the frame on one of them too? What could go wrong?

    2. We don’t need no steenkin’ sights!

    3. Muzzle crown cut on a curved bias and polished. Oh yeah, I’ll bet that really helps accuracy.

    4. Maybe that’s why there are no steenkin’ sights. Adding sights might imply a promise of accuracy beyond six feet.

    5. Let’s make a cumbersome .380 because something on the market has to be stranger than the Beretta 84 and a worse value than the Grendel.

    6. Holsterless belt-clip carry + no safety + curved frame. And to learn to relax with that combo I think tomorrow I’ll wear some live scorpions in my boxers.

    7. The lights & laser on the front remind me of looking at C3PO with a doughnut on his head.

  3. The belt clip is reversible. You can wear it on either side of your body and decide for yourself which way you want that curve to fit. Mag-back on my right hip, mag-right on my back right side, mag-right on my back left side. Pick what works for you. Point shooting isn’t that hard and hitting a 12″ target at ten yards isn’t hard either.

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