Meanwhile, Ferguson Burns

There was no good outcome possible from the grand jury decision. Had they indicted, the agitators would have rioted in supposed celebration. They were ready, waiting to start the fires, loot the businesses, and devolve the city into chaos. They were never interested in justice.

Eventually, the dust will settle. The agitators and their ilk will leave, and the people of Ferguson will attempt to get back to some semblance of a normal life. Business owners will have to make decisions on whether or not to rebuild. Many won’t, or at least they won’t rebuild there. And in the end, it’s the people that were caught in the middle that will pay.

No meaningful progress will be made in race relations with this. Quite the opposite, as I’ve already seen all over the internet. And truly, if your grievance is that the powers that be treat you like you are just thugs bent on crime and disorder, you aren’t bolstering your cause by proving them right. The person climbing out of the broken window on the front of the local electronics store carrying a brand new flat screen doesn’t exactly look like the victim here. It’s hard to argue that the police don’t need riot gear by staging a riot.

The world learned that there are real issues that needed to be addressed in Ferguson. I believe the events of this week will only set them back.

I agree with Peter, there are no winners here.

ETA: LawDog, as usual, has excellent thoughts on the matter.


12 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Ferguson Burns”

  1. At some point I hope that the vested interests — including media folk looking for face time to bolster that resume and that Xmas bonus — will be shut out of the spotlight/fund raising circus going on. We could stop training next week’s looters at any time, for all of me.

  2. Call me a pessimist, but I really didn’t see ANY verdict handed down that would not have resulted in a riot of some kind. These are the entitlement crowd who were just looking for an excuse. Didn’t even have to be a good one, or a valid one.

  3. Truly, if your grievance is that those who bemoan their self-serving plights reinforce the very same negative stereotypes to which they are subject to through their actions, you aren’t bolstering your stance by being a part of the majority who perceives their whole community in this negative light in the first place. Most of the time, Jennifer, what you have to say is enriching and insightful. But every now and then, when you being to talk through your ass, you start recklessly spewing your usual provocative tirades. I’m not sure if you just enjoy the empty affirmations you receive from the community on this site, or if you actually believe what you are saying sometimes. I believe Darren Wilson’s testimony over the Michael Brown brigade’s. But I think the people of Ferguson have every right to riot and vent their anger, because it gets the attention of provocateurs and prejudiced people like YOU to reconsider what they actually have to go through. Instead of always demonizing and shaming the black community, Jennifer, why don’t you try empathizing with them and understand where they are coming from when they do things like riot. Not every black man or woman is a thug like you think. I’m certainly not one. I’m a hard-working, special person with hopes and dreams and fears just like you.****As I said before, I enjoy what you have to say most of the time. But I’ll always be there to correct you whenever start to put your foot in your mouth with your arrogant cockiness. Good day to you, mam.

    1. Reading comprehension, do you have it? I was very specifically referring to the agitators. And I do believe every word of what I actually said, but no, I do not ascribe to the beliefs of the straw man you just erected.
      I believe the people of Ferguson have every right to be upset and protest. I do not believe the agitators have the right to burn down the city and harm the businesses and business owners that had absolutely nothing to do with whatever justice may or may not have been dealt.
      Do you really like what I have to say or just what you have decided I have said?

  4. Condemn arsonists and looters, get called a racist; isn’t it wonderful? Apparently Mouse thinks- well, I guess the actual question would be ‘what the hell IS going on in there?’

  5. I can ask the same question about you too, Firehand. Where in my post did you see the word “racist?” Can you read, or are you just another ignoramus who immediately assumes that someone calls you a racist when they point out your crass and subtly prejudiced ways? I would presume that its the latter. As for you Jennifer, I do like what you have to say when it isn’t condescending towards an entire group of people. I don’t decide in my mind what you have said, just so that I can re-affirm my own worldviews. I do have reading comprehension, and I read carefully everything that comes my way. I couldn’t have double majored in English and Economics with cum laude honors if I didn’t have good reading comprehension. I believe that you as well as everyone else is entitled to their own opinion, and I respect the fact that you and I may have different opinions about the social implications regarding these various incidents. But I don’t think police, or anyone for that matter, should have the right to gun down or kill whomever they choose without the slightest glimmer of any consequences. If no one else will fight for the black community, then I guess they’ll just have to fight for themselves. GOOD for the looters and arsonists who are wreaking havoc and rioting all over the country. I hope that their actions disturb and disrupt the lives of people like you and Firehand. Now you’ll know what its like to have your lives impacted by social constructs that you had no hand in creating. If we burn, YOU BURN WITH US.

    1. Ferguson is about money, make no mistake about that. Few CEOs are involved, but there is a *lot* of money changing hands among figureheads looking for national exposure, and big money, on all sides. And that is the sole reason the unrest continues. If no one were making money about this, there would be no support, and the city would have closed it all down by now.

      Boycotts, public information forums — these have worked, in the past. But they seldom raise much money — and thus have little interest for the big money media or figureheads. Blood, now, blood makes the evening news. And raises donations.

      So, I hear your message pretty clear. You want the cheap publicity of mobs in the street, destroyed property, looted stores. My problem is that only puts bread on your table, not the hundreds of those choosing to get involved, nor the victims of their depredations.

    2. If any of this is true, then you, yes you personally, are a disgrace. You do not represent the good, honest people of the community. You come to burn down my neighborhood and I will stand shoulder to shoulder with honorable men like Derrick Jordan.
      But I don’t believe it is true. I believe you are a cowardly keyboard jockey trying to stir the shit for your own amusement. Or worse, you’re the racist. You are playing a character that fits your racist fantasy of the people you irrationally fear.

  6. Well, gee, you throw out stuff like ‘ demonizing and shaming the black community’ and ‘your crass and subtly prejudiced ways’ but no, no accusation of racism, nooo….

    You’re the boob accusing the lady of ‘condescending towards an entire group of people’ for saying “Rioters suck”, which indicates your multiple degrees didn’t help your reading comprehension. Unless you think everyone in Ferguson with lots of melanin was rioting, which would be a rather bigoted and stupid conclusion on your part. But I don’t have multiple degrees, so I’m sure I’m just not understanding the nuances of your crap.

    Also, if you can find someone here who thinks the police ‘have the right to gun down or kill whomever they choose without the slightest glimmer of any consequences’, I wish you’d point them out. Especially since we tend to say very unkind things about cops who overstep their bounds, whether it results in death or not.

    Oh, and take your threats, fold them to eight corners, and shove them.

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