Right-Wing Extremists In Action

Oh the terror and mayhem at the State Capitol on Wednesday!
Look! Here’s a woman with a gun.
Woman with a gun
Just look at the terror on the other girl’s face.
Clearly, the law enforcement was nervous as well.
Approaching the Crowd
And there were threatening signs too
Pork Sign
And this guy. He’s got a tea bag at the ready.
tea guy
And yet more signs
Keep your change
All these peaceful patriots!
peaceful Patriots
I tried several times to get pictures of the crowd. I stood up high and stuck my camera in the air. I won’t post them all, but I’ll here’s a link to the album.
Image hosted by Webshots.com
by juniperlimb
This lady was awesome and posed with her sign for me.
And the other side

This was my first protest ever. It didn’t look anything like the protests I’ve seen before. There were lots of kids there. People were laughing and joking. The home-made signs reminded me of what many moms will put together for their kid’s parties. It was awesome.
When we recited the pledge of allegiance, every hat came off. Everyone sang along with the star spangled banner. We’re all new to this political protest stuff, and we’re doing it our own way. It was amazing that so many of us took the time off work to participate in a truly grassroots event.
This so-called tax cut that we’ve all received in our paychecks is a ruse and we know it. They want to give us that placebo while raising taxes on energy, tobacco, etc. They’ll tax our employers so we won’t get a raise. And they will cut the deduction that you can take for charitable giving. Even though it is private charity that does the good in the world. When your employer can no longer afford you, the only place you’ll have left to turn is the hand of Uncle Sam. His gifts are not free and come with many strings. And at some point, the bills must be paid.
People keep asking what the tea parties are about. They are about liberty. We want the freedom to choose how to spend our money. We do not want to sell our children into the bondage of debt. This tea party was only the beginning.

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