Terrorism of Ideas

I am heartbroken over the events in Paris this week and thankful that it appears the terrorists have been dealt with. As usual, the hiding and wringing on hands did nothing to stop the violence. Instead, it took a righteous application of violence to do so. I suspect the afterlife won’t be what they were expecting. Evil exists. It attacks without warning. The only defense against it is a willingness and ability to fight back. Sadly, the victims could not.

The pen may not be mightier than the sword, but I hope this week’s events do not stop anyone from using them. Free expression is important. Important enough to be protected with swords and guns and any other tool at your disposal. Nations have been formed and toppled because people took up arms in defense of ideas.

Their voices may have been silenced, but it is my sincere hope that new ones take their places. Terrorism must not win.


3 thoughts on “Terrorism of Ideas”

  1. I believe that the Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they drafted the Bill of Rights. They knew that, first and foremost, our country needed the freedom to be able to speak up against the government and/or tyranny, wherever it existed (terrorism IS tyranny). Secondly, they knew that we, the People, would need the arms to defend against those who would take offense against our freedom of speech and try to silence us. These two Rights are in the places they are for a reason. To take away one is to take away the other. And after that, there is nothing to protect the rest.

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