I Made The List!!

Did you? Apparently, I’m so scary that the FBI is spying on me.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?

Via Atlas Shrugs, we learn that they may have been spying on you too.  Did you go to a tea party?  Then your photo may be on file with the FBI.  You could be in the souper sekret right-wing extremist folder.  You know, with all the returning war veterans.  Sounds like pretty good company to me.

Although the level of detail collected from each operation is unclear, the information was reportedly submitted to Washington, where, “at the level of the National Security Branch (NSB), this information was to “include the office of the Directorate of Intelligence (DI), and integrated with a restricted access database, one that reportedly is accessible to only two agencies” [of the 14 agencies that comprise the U.S. intelligence community, according to the source.

“The implications to the citizens of the U.S. are ominous. It seems that there is a hostile political agenda coming from Washington that characterizes the supporters of our constitutional freedoms as threats to our domestic security, which is totally absurd. The redirection, the refocusing of domestic threats from al Qaeda cells to ‘flag waving right-wingers’ is something that has gone from a murmur a few years ago to a roar today.”

Maybe next time, we’ll think twice about passing out subversive documents.

And so–

Dear FBI agent,

First of all, welcome to my little corner of the internet.  Let me save you a little time and effort and let you know that yes, I do in fact fit the definition of a right-wing extremist.  I believe life is precious, including that that has not yet been born.  I believe in God and the freedom to worship as I please.  I believe free people should have the right to defend themselves against any threat, including that of a tyrannical government.  I believe people should be entitled only to that which they earn.  I believe the federal government should be limited to matters of interstate commerce and national defense.  I do not believe the leader of this nation should ever bow down to anyone, least of all the leader of a hostile nation.

I am not racist.  I don’t care what consenting adults do behind closed doors.  (The answer to this question is no, it will not cause a civil war.)  I am not using the economy to brain-wash nor indoctrinate.  I am pleased that people are beginning to wake up.  We don’t need a nanny state.  We don’t need more bureaucracy.  We need the government to get out of the way so we can pursue our own happiness.

The only pork I like is edible, not spendable.  (Although the value of bacon does seem far more stable than the dollar these days.)

I think Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Hancock, and Ronald Reagan were great.  I wish we had more men like them in power today.  I did not vote for our current president and plan to vote against his party in the next congressional election. I prefer tea to kool-aid, but I’m really a coffee drinker.

I have no intention of turning my guns in even if you offer to buy them back.  They were never yours in the first place, so how can you possibly buy them back?  I want only to be a citizen of this great nation and have no intention of being a subject of anyone.

I don’t watch Fox, and they did not astro-turf this movement.  The people are tired of being spent into debt far beyond what can be repaid.  The first thing you must do when you find yourself in a hole, is stop digging.  When you find yourself in a recession, stop spending.

I brought 2 people to the last tea party with me.  July 4th, it will be more. We’ll smile for your cameras.  If you bring pictures from the last one, I’ll even sign them for you.



9 thoughts on “I Made The List!!”

  1. Speaking of Fox news (from your letter) I overheard one of our School of Journalism professors lecturing a class about how terrible it is that the NY Times and the rest of the liberal print media is going down the toilet.

    “If we lose the Times, who will we turn to for objective journalism? Who is going to guard our freedoms? We will be doomed to only being able to watch Fox News!”

    Yes, that is a direct quote

    instinct’s last blog post..The best way to drain the swamp

  2. I’m linking you on my blog, right now! Hope to get a link back in return. Why aren’t you hanging our in the gun nuts radio show on blogtalk radio and chat on Tuesday nights? You would fit right in. See The Breda fallacy for the link.
    I’m not kidding. Your brothers and sisters are over there waiting for you.
    Nice post.

    Robert’s last blog post..Earth Day celebrates: Snake Hunters!

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