“Today I Chose My Skinny Jeans Over My Firearm”

The title of this post comes from a story a friend shared on Facebook. It’s an excellent reminder, and I have gotten her permission to share her story here. Please, read it all.

I’m sure most woman who have a CHL constantly struggle with how they are going to carry.
Today I chose my skinny jeans over my firearm.
Little did I know it was the day that I’d be saying to myself in a dead sweat “is this how I’m going to die?” with visions of me huddled behind my engine block of my car.
This morning when I got dressed I had that conversation with myself of what to wear and did I want to be frumpy or feel good?
My favorite jeans were clean so I chose the feel good about my fashion option which meant no room for a firearm.
Don’t get me wrong I have every which way to carry. Waist holster, back holster, underwear holster, bra holster, and purse holster but none of them I have ever liked so they sit in a drawer waiting for me to give them another chance.
Today I spent most of my day at my home which sets almost 300 yards from the road. My driveway is a long rocks little road. I live next to the Lone Star Gun Range which I own. Richard had been at the barn rewiring a tractor and had just come home looking very tired and in need of a shower.
At that time we see a red car drive down the driveway and we expect that they are headed to the range and made a wrong turn. We see them turn a round and then stop halfway down the driveway. A man and woman get out and looked like they were inspecting their small 4 door car. We assumed that they had a flat. The car doors were open along with the trunk.
Richard is cleaning up from his dirty day and I let him know I’m going to the car to see if they need anything.
I take the Tahoe the 150 yards down the muddy driveway to assist.
I stop the car and get out and I immediately notice the woman (maybe in her 20’s) is standing in from of the car and she notices me but just looks down and never diverting her eyes from the man she is with who is on the ground looking at his bumper he looks to be in his 20’s. I ask ” can I help you” he responds is a very angry amped up voice “I NEED A PHILLIPS” because of how angry he was I was thrown off and I said said “excuse me, what can I help you with” I NEED A PHILLIPS” he was so angry. I responded with “let me go get my husband” and slowly started backing away. I immediately realized that I just walked up on a person that was red hot angry over his bumper jarring loose that I didn’t need to be there.
Two steps or so into my backing away he stands up and says “and you call the FING POLICE NOW” at that point he’s walking towards me beside his car and lifts up his shirt and exposes a holstered pistol. He started doing that chest pumping sign for come at me. I had parked my car 15 yards away from his car. At that point I see the woman run from the hood of the car to the front seat of the car and slam her door shut. She knew there was about something to go down.
He kept walking towards me daring me with his chest pumping stuff.
I never turned my back and I had never run backwards that fast in my life. I got to the car and he started walking towards me. I had my phone called 911 and got the car started at the same time. The call dropped. At that moment I got my car in reverse I looked up and in his eyes and I knew he was in a zone that no one in their right mind would be in over a bumper on a car.
Driving as fast I could in reverse I was able to get Richard on the phone and told him to call police.
I got upstairs and waited the 20 minutes that this man and his girl stayed on my driveway pumping his chest at my house daring up to come out.
I called the range and told them if a red car drives up to shut the door and lock it.
Before the sheriffs officers get there the angry chest pumping man drives to the range and wants to come in the locked door.
At that point the officers show up and he gives them some excuse that his car was immobilized on my property and he told me to call the cops because he needed help with his car (for a loose bumper).
I not going to get into on the response from there because I am truly disappointed that I was never questioned on my side of the story until I insisted that I tell my side AND I had to insist that he be removed from my place of business. This is something that I am seeking answers on now.
This person who decided to show up on MY property and threaten me taught me a couple huge lessons.
1. There are people in this world that get so angry over things they can’t control like their cars bumper jarring loose.
2. There are actually men that care more about that anger and their car than the living breathing girl sitting beside him that she was scared enough to practically launch herself in that car. Let alone the lady that drives up offering to help. I would almost bet he’s taking that anger out on her right now.
3. Plain and simple be prepared at all times to defend yourself. Don’t choose skinny jeans over your tools
4. Trust you instincts. I should have noticed when I drove up that the girl wouldn’t look at me. Because I WANT to believe that this world is a safe place does not make it one.
Being a mother I don’t want to believe that it could end like this. I’m not coming to that conclusion because I’m sheltered. I know all too well that your time on this earth can be cut short early. As I was driving backwards toward my house all I could think of was that my child was about to loose the only surviving biological parent she has left.
I know that as people read this that will say she got away without a gun. It’s true yes I did but I feel that If I didn’t literally back out when I did I would have been shot. If I had told him to just leave my property it probably would have sent him over the edge.
I sure that some people will say she would be the first person to understand that she needs to carry at all times and I walked into a sticky situation. I admit, it was dumb. But it didn’t feel dumb until I got there.
I was just trying to help the guy out so we could get to dinner later that night.
Tomorrow I wear my fat jeans and my 1911.

I confess, sometimes I get complacent and comfortable. Sometimes I forget that although most people mean well and only a few wish to harm. There are those few.


16 thoughts on ““Today I Chose My Skinny Jeans Over My Firearm””

  1. “Sometimes I forget that although most people mean well and only a few wish to harm.”

    I think it is in the nature of good people to sometimes forget this. Good people can’t really comprehend the kind of mindset involved on anything beyond the intellectual level, and on occasion that knowledge fades until we lose sight of it. Then reality does something to remind us – with varying degrees of rudeness.

  2. Probability says that you will be fine ALMOST every time you run out the door without your gun. It’s the ALMOST that’s the problem.

  3. I also keep a firearm in my truck. I can’t carry at work but I’m not commuting or arriving home without one. That one stays in the truck.

  4. Information is power. Glad it turned out alright.

    – The difference between school and life?
    – In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test.
    – In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson.
    – Now we are entering a period of consequences.…

    You have joined the ranks of those who learned things are not what they once were.

    Have had several close calls and one similar to yours.
    One instance where I was splitting wood, middle of the day. Log splitter was running low on gas and I went in to hydrate.
    Was tired and not following my own rules (distracted- not attentive to my surroundings) half way across the back/side parking area I was met by an individual who had just tromped across my lawn.
    Suffice it to say that his demeanor spoke of a history of ill intent.

    We never get company unannounced by someone, be it us, the dogs or the kids and we are not located on a main thoroughfare.
    Everyone was asleep at the switch.

    Two more individuals were sitting unsettled & twitchy in a parked vehicle, as he was distracted looking hard at my open garage and the abundance of toys (big boy toys) started asking if I had any work.
    (I have knives – plural- on me at all times) But this one time I wasn’t carrying a firearm so if things turned south my ad-hock plan would be more than messy.

    The most unsettling was glancing at my wife out in the pasture and knowing the kids were in the house all unaware.

    Headed him back to his vehicle and took their names (and plate) so I could ‘pass their number off if I heard of some work’.

    Mentioned it to a friend. He had a similar unarmed encounter in Walmart with a recent arrest and freshly released crack head. A few tense moments and some terse comments to just walk away defused it. Was nip n tuck for a few but worked out.

    Both agreed never again- just a quick walk, going out to feed or cut wood.
    The good old days of blissful ignorance are behind us.

    Stay safe

  5. Just a suggestion… my can-can concealment hip hugger fits under skinny jeans… none of the holsters are perfect but that’s the best I’ve found so far.

  6. Skinny jeans politics is like a personal closet, a thing of intimacy. If exposed to strangers, you better know who they are or have your man armed there for it. You are not condemned to wear loose jeans but proper precautions must be taken when wearing them and confronting people with them. You must have people you know around you or your man protecting you etc… Everyone wants to walk in the city with pajamahs, but it is not done for a reason.

    1. I can wear my gun with my skinny jeans, but I’m shaped differently than my friend is. I’m also pretty spoiled in the holster department.

  7. iTuck, carry your phone and your gun all in one….. the phone on the outside covers the lump on the inside. I’m a big guy so all my jeans fit like skinny jeans at the waist. I carry everywhere.

  8. Thank you for sharing your story. I had a similar problem happen recently when a guy hit my car at the grocery store. He started flipping out at me even though he hit it while it was parked, so it was quite clearly not my fault. I’d left my gun at home because I was just going in for a quick second. It was a good reminder to always be prepared.

  9. I always carry in my purse. I sent shopping one day and after getting my groceries I stopped to buy gas at the same place I always buy gas. I decided not to put my gun in my pocket but stupidly chose to leave it in my purse, with my purse inside the console of my locked pickup. As I was getting out of my vehicle to go inside to prepay for gas I noticed a young man, black, with his hood pulled up and over most of his face. He was walking very quickly up the sidewalk toward me. I was the only person out on the drive by the pumps and the thought crossed my mind to get back in my vehicle. I didn’t. He didn’t follow me inside the store but instead stood kind of behind a wooden privacy fence next to the gas pumps. When I went back out to the pumps he stayed next to the fence just watching. I started walking back to the store to get my change and he was about 10 steps behind me. I walked inside and immediately headed toward the back of the store since the guy had stopped just inside the door. I thought maybe if he was up to no good I could at least find a way out the back of the store and be safe. I could see him from where I was and he was just standing in one place watching. When he had stood like that for a few minutes I kicked myself for being such a sissy and went to the front to collect my change. As soon as I stepped out the door the guy was right behind me. For an old lady I moved pretty fast getting in my pickup. As soon as I jumped in my vehicle I locked the door and grabbed my gun out of my purse and laid it on the console just as the guy was walking past my window. He looked inside, saw my gun and thankfully he kept walking. I learned my lesson very well that day. If the purse is going to be put in the console the pistol is going to be put in my pocket. This guy may or may not have been up to no good but the whole situation just didn’t feel right. I have also learned to be more aware of my surroundings and the people in those surroundings. Stay safe everyone!

  10. Much obliged to you for sharing your story. I had a comparable issue happen as of late when a person hit my auto at the market. He began flipping out at me despite the fact that he hit it while it was stopped, so it was obviously not my blame. I’d left my firearm at home since I was simply going in for a speedy second. It was a decent suggestion to dependably be readied.So thank you very much. All the very best….!

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