My life has been over-cluttered, not just with the things I’ve collected that are scattered about my house (although that’s certainly an issue), but with too many distractions and influences that aren’t really adding to my quality of life. It’s time I do something about it.

No, I’m not about to do some mass Facebook unfriending, but there will be some. If you are reading this, you aren’t likely to be on the chopping block, particularly if we interact on a regular basis. Quite honestly, that paring down process has already begun, but I seriously doubt those that have been cut have noticed.

I’m simplifying my feedreader. I just don’t have the time or inclination to read each and every blog currently listed there. I find more and more often that I am hitting the mark as read button anyway. Again, those that will be removed aren’t likely to notice as I probably haven’t been interacting with them already.

And yeah, stuff. I have books that I haven’t gotten around to reading that I probably never will. I have half-finished projects that I should really be honest about and pass on. I have too many “things that may come in handy someday.” So many, in fact, that if someday ever came, I’d never find them.

I want my house to a place where I can welcome my friends. I can’t do that today. And I want my relationships to be real and interactive. I have no need for drama and gossip in my life. It doesn’t enrich my life or make me a better person.

Why should I even tell you this? I don’t know. Few, if any, of you will even be affected. If I suddenly vanish from your friends list and you miss me, message me. I probably cut you off by mistake. That is not my intent.

My intent is a refocus on what is really important. I saw so many people who I really care about this weekend, most of whom had fallen out of touch. I met their children that I didn’t even know existed. I saw the devastation on the other side of my city where people lost their homes and all their stuff. Nobody cared about the stuff. They were just glad to be alright and able to be together.

I want more of that and less clutter. I want to shoot more, both firearms and photographs. And I want to share it all with the people who really matter. People that are a real part of my life, both online and off.

Am I going to stop blogging? Fat chance, you aren’t getting rid of me that easily! Hopefully, I’ll blog more. I want the conversation. The real conversations rather than the drive by kind. And hey! We’ve made some tasty food that I need to share with you all.

16 thoughts on “Uncluttering”

  1. Three cheers for uncluttering! I am happy for you as you embrace those things and people who bring you joy and add to your quality of life.

    I have found myself feeling this, too. The physical purging of excess “stuff” that I have not touched since I last moved has been cathartic. I am hoping that carries over to the other aspects of my life.

  2. Glad to hear you’re keeping the blog. I don’t do the Devils Database so I can’t be un-friended.

    I’ve found RSS feeds to be very useful. I don’t have to check every blog that might be interesting every day. Just when something new is posted.

    1. Even my RSS has become too cluttered. I love them, but you can have too many.
      I will NEVER close comments here though. If they become a problem, I’ll moderate them.

  3. I agree, as there is too much going on in life for the clutter. I downsized a house, a life and its possessions. What si left i just what makes me smile be it something I can hold in my hand, or simply hug once in a while.

    And bacon – there’s always that.

  4. Sometimes it takes a bit of work to sort out what SEEMS important, from what actually IS important. Good luck with your uncluttering!

    Hope the storms have not been to tough on you and yours,

  5. Been working on the life uncluttering lately myself. Divesting myself of toxic people, of those who offer nothing but negativity etc. Getting back to basics, unplugging and ignoring the online stuff much more.

    It’s very freeing, although sometimes family members aren’t sure what to make of not being able to get a hold of me for several days at a time.

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