Mad Max: Fury Road Is Not Feminist Propaganda

If it was meant to be, they missed the mark. I know, some people wanted so desperately for it to be that they twisted the story to match up with their pre-conceived notions. You know, because that never happens.

It’s a fire-breathing action movie with a power babe* and an excellent entry into the Mad Max franchise. Seriously, go see it. It’s awesome. No man or woman will be ruined by seeing it. At least, none that aren’t ruined already.

Yes, there are going to be spoilers ahead. This is your warning. It will be COMPLETELY FULL OF SPOILERS!

Ready? Don’t read if you plan on seeing the movie. I mean it.

Let’s just go on and throw a trigger warning here too since I can’t keep up with what upsets people lately.

Fans of the originals already know Max is a broken man just trying to survive in a broken world with no hope of redemption. It’s made him hard. The world hasn’t gotten any better. Shortly after the story opens, Max is overtaken, captured, and turned into a living blood bank in the Citadel.

Imperator Furiosa is a desperate woman. She’s learned that to survive in this man’s world, she’s got to be smart, and she’s got to be deadly. And don’t think for a moment that the world of Fury Road is anything but a man’s world. We don’t know exactly how, but she has worked her way to a position of responsibility under Immortan Joe. Probably because she’s good with machines. (If I may be so bold as to read between the lines, I’m going to go ahead and assume the shaved head was an attempt by Furiosa to minimize her femininity in such a heavily male dominated world.)

She drives and maintains a War Rig. She’s also smuggling out Immortan Joe’s breeders under the guise of a fuel run. Yes, Immortal Joe keeps women in sexual slavery in an attempt to impregnate them with his sons. Nothing is mentioned of daughters. His elder sons drink mothers milk which comes from other women being kept as dairy cows. Feeling empowered, ladies?

Immortan Joe learns of the betrayal and rallies the war boys to follow him into battle to retrieve his property. Yes, he considers these women his property. He also admonishes them not to harm a single hair on their heads. Yep, they are just pretty things with wombs. Rah! Rah! Sisterhood!

Mad Max gets chained to a war boy so he can continue to bleed for him and strapped to battle vehicle. Epic battle ensues. Explosions, madness, chaos. Max is pissed that not only are they stealing his blood but they’ve got his car as well.

Somewhere in the midst of the first battle, we get a glimpse of the breeders. They are whining because they are uncomfortable. Nevermind that Furiosa is risking her life for them. They are uncomfortable.

More explosions and we reach the pause in the first battle. Max has gotten free of the battle vehicle, but he’s still chained to and bleeding into a war boy. He comes upon Furiosa and the breeders. Yep, they are pretty and scantily clad and playing in the hose. They have bolt cutters, but they are too weak to cut Max free from the war boy. In fact, even though Furiosa catches a few good openings, Max still beats her in hand to hand combat while chained and bleeding. The war boy, thinking he can now return in triumph with the wives, cuts Max free. Yes, it required a man to cut the chain. Max commandeers the War Rig.

Ah, but Furiosa is not so easily beaten. She’s smart enough that she saw it coming and had wired kill switches. She talks her way back into the truck and is soon telling Mad Max that she ‘needs’ him. They soon form a tenuous partnership and fight many more epic battles. Yep, she’s the better shot. No, she doesn’t take the rifle, he hands it to her because he knows he can’t make the shot. A man’s got to know his limitations.

And, believe me, they are epic. Flame throwing guitar and mad crazy drummer truck epic. Pay the extra for the 3D.

In the end, it’s still Mad Max that wins the day and finds his redemption. And in true hero fashion, wanders off into the sunset away from the glory.

Yes, the bad ass power babe couldn’t have done it without the man. Totally feminist.

*You know, like Ripley, or Sarah Connor, or Tank Girl, or…. Yeah, Imperator Furiosa is totally groundbreaking and will single-handedly suck the testosterone from society .

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3 thoughts on “Mad Max: Fury Road Is Not Feminist Propaganda”

  1. Excellent synopsis, and a great answer to the whole OMG FEMINIST CONSPIRACY WTF crowd. Better than mine, by far.

    Honestly, is it too much to ask that people who consider themselves ‘men,’ NOT act like whiny little bitches? I’m aware that there’s tons of feminist propaganda infesting what was formerly Western civilization, but when you start seeing it everywhere, you’re on the same level as those who can’t get out two sentences without mentioning some ‘-ism’ or imaginary ‘phobia.’

    Grow a pair, you guys–Real Men don’t subscribe to paranoid delusions.

  2. Other decidedly non-feminist elements in Fury Road:

    – The Vuvalini are just as much murderous savages as the men they shun
    – The matriarchal society of the Vuvalini had failed decades before the events of the film
    – The first thing the Vuvalini do when meeting the Wives is objectify them (“This one’s got all her teeth!”)
    – The Vuvalini are only saved with the help and sacrifice of men
    – The first act of the newly-installed matriarchy at the Citadel is to wantonly open the flood gates and waste water, the most vital resource for sustaining life

    For a supposedly “feminist” film, Fury Road sure has a lot of overt suggestions that things work best when the genders combine and cooperate, rather than separate and subjugate.

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