The Office Food Thief

(To the Tune of My Favorite Things)

Left-over pizza and take out Chinese Food,

Nevermind stealing a lunch is just plain rude.

All of the Styrofoam stacked in the fridge,

No one will notice if I have a smidge.


When the work’s hard.

I can’t manage.

When the boss is mad.

I simply remember the things in the fridge,

And then I don’t feel so bad.


Cream filled confections,

And crisp apple strudels.

Big plates of lasagna,

And meatballs with noodles.

All of these leftovers I can salvage.

This is what I find when I raid the fridge.


Homemade creations,

Hot pockets a-plenty.

There’s so much food here,

I never feel guilty.

I’m doing my part preventing spoilage,

Otherwise there would be stink in the fridge.



I can’t remember whether or not I had shared this previously, but it came up in conversation around the office. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “The Office Food Thief”

  1. Long ago when the world was new, I worked in hospitals, especially in ER’s. The sense of humor there is . . . interesting.

    Nurses will bring in goodies. They will happily share if you are around or ask. But there is always a transporter, orderly, janitor, or someone who raids the refrigerator unbidden.

    There is a solution.

    Someone makes something irresistibly tempting, and doses it with something that either makes the subject either throw up their toenails, or defecate their dandruff.

    Usually, that solves the problem for a while.

    And yes, I know what it would be dosed with in both cases, and no; y’all gotta do your own research. 😉

  2. We had a lunch thief in my former workplace. Was stealing deviled ham sandwiches.
    The sandwich owner made some new ones. Using canned cat food.
    The thievery stopped!


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