Fantasy Island, Where Dreams Really Do Come True

Saturday, EvylRobot and I made the questionable decision to head down to a particular flea market that we don’t generally frequent. It’s not exactly in our normal stomping grounds. One of the establishments we pass between here and there in a nightclub known as Fantasy Island.

Overheard in the car:

ER: That doesn’t really look like much of a fantasy

Me: Well, unless your idea of a fantasy includes syphilis.

ER: *snicker*

And so you can imagine my giggles when this story popped up as breaking news.

Last week, a task force raided Fantasy Island and wrote more than 20 citations ranging from possession of firearms to illicit sexual conduct.

Nice place, there.

One thought on “Fantasy Island, Where Dreams Really Do Come True”

  1. On the subject of nightclubs:

    During the second week of February I drove past one of the local biker bars.
    On the signboard at the road they post the names of the bands playing on the weekend.

    Saturdays post was for ” V D Party”.
    Being of a certain age, the first thing that popped into my mind was “That’s a terrible name for a band”.
    The second thought I had was ” It’s an even worse concept or theme for a party”.
    (If you don’t “get it”, ask your parents.)
    It was pointed out to me that Saturday was Valentines Day.
    I did feel kind of dumb then.

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