Good Job, Guys!

You remember all that talk about guns being great equalizers? You know, that thing that makes it possible for a 110-pound woman to stand up to a 300-pound rapist?

All that effort to encourage your wives and daughters in the shooting sports? All the talk about how we’re all equal on the firing line?

Congratulations. You just told all those women that they still don’t measure up. Because obviously all knowledge about firearms is housed in a set of testicles.


Hur. Hur. Hur.

Obviously ignorance makes one worthless. You know, like a girl. How dreadful.

Way to go. Good job in showing your daughters, girlfriends, wives just how strong, intelligent, and capable you really believe us all to be.

12 thoughts on “Good Job, Guys!”

  1. That image doesn’t so much as even imply anything at all about a woman’s knowledge. It has nothing to do with what a woman might or might not know. It merely points out that a male who can’t recognize an AR bolt might not be optimal dating material. Indeed, I read the image as presuming that the woman DOES recognize the AR bolt for what it is, or what’s the point? If NEITHER of them can recognize an AR bolt, maybe they’re made for each other. 🙂

  2. My 13 year old daughter knew immediately. She has field stripped an AR after getting it dirty. My 17 year old daughter would not know-she lost interest in AR’s after I refused to make a Hello Kitty pink and white one for her. She does however like her M-1 carbine more than a Mini-14.

  3. Yes but do they know the finer details of defensive mine field deployment? How to properly dig in to give overlaping fields of fire? Or how to triage gunshot wounds under fire? Yes they know what an AR bolt is, BUT; can they field strip that weapon in the dark, in the rain, and under fire? If your running an AR that is a real lifesaving thing to know.

  4. Wow. Got me.

    I’ll just go ahead and shut down my site right now because of a joke post…
    Should I go prostrate myself on the altar of political correctness to await my inevitable crucifiction, or will you settle for some self-flagellation?

    I find it a little disconcerting that I need to coddle every single viewpoint – that I should adjust anything and everything so no party, culture or special interest group will have cause to take offense, intended or not…

    Question: If one was to tip-toe through your archives, is it possible that there are absolutely no ‘blog entries that could possibly offend someone out there?
    All your content is completely benign to any and all possible readers? Including any attempts at irony or humor?

    Sorry I offended you.
    I hold you in very high esteem, and feel sordid for causing you distress.


    1. I don’t believe anyone that posted this particular meme intended any kind of offense. Even if offense was intended, you and everyone else that shared it are welcome to do so.
      I’ve certainly posted things that have likely offended people. Sometimes I do it intentionally, but I deserve to have it pointed out to me when I do so unintentionally.

  5. I ignore any women who won’t take me as it am. As soon as they try to mock or “test” me, I discontinue any contact I have with them. They do not get an explanation.

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