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So that little Dance, Monkey rant I wrote way back in 2010 has recently gained new life. You’ve probably stumbled across it since it has legs of its own now and walks free of its original creator (That’s called plagiarism, folks. If you see it, let me know). Sometimes it even picks up some extra words along the way.

Clearly, it resonates with people even still. I like that. I like when my words reach people. I like to think of all of you imaginary friends out there as real live people with thoughts, passions, experiences, opinions of your own. Something this response to my rant points out that I didn’t express well.

“You exist for my entertainment.”

Can you imagine saying that to another human being? I would hope that none of us could imagine it. Especially those of us who are Christians. The words go against the very foundation of our faith—the belief that God made us, loves us, and died to redeem us, and that His love gives us each worth.

She’s got a point, and I would never say that to another human being. Yes, my rant is worded personally, but it is directed self-important character these various celebrities play when they have an audience. Don’t get me wrong, I stand behind what I said in that rant seven years ago. The point is that despite what those in the public eye seem to believe, their opinions don’t matter any more than any other human being. Yes, they are human beings deserving of love and compassion with every right to their own opinions, but they do not have any authority to direct what you or I chose to believe.

My words were harsh and intentionally so. I make no apologies for them. I encourage you to read Gina Dalfonzo’s Rebuttal to me.  She takes a much kinder and gentler approach to reminding us all that no matter how many cameras are pointed at you or how much a platform you’re given, we’re all humans suffering the same human condition.

8 thoughts on “Musing on Monkeys”

  1. Meh, not impressed by her rebuttal… What you said back then IS true. In a way it’s funny that she brings religion into it, since most of the hollywierd types are non-believers and flout those beliefs every day…

  2. I always try to point back to the original when I can. This one gets a lot of airtime, as does a certain piece often attributed to a retired Marine major that, as far as anyone can tell, is himself a work of fiction.

    And don’t let anyone fool you. This piece was spot-on just as it was written.

  3. I point to the original as well, and do so quite often. See, heres’ the thing about her “Rebuttal” F her. God may still love the sinner, but he still hates the sin. Being an apologist for the sinful is being an enabler of the sin. Sorry, I can imagine saying that to another human being, and will, and do.

  4. Your Dance Monkey is making the rounds again on a post tonight by a Tom Sled on an Emmys Roundup 2017 post by OP Michael Reynolds.
    I directed him to your page here to set him straight.

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