Ooh! Pretty and Deadly

Guess what’s coming home today! Yeah, you’re right. I guess I kind of gave it away with the picture. That’s a stock photo. I’ll take a couple with my camera later. Smith & Wesson’s photographer is probably better at it that I am though.

Hubby and I went to the range on New Year’s Day. This is part of a plan we have been putting together for some time now. His grandfather had the original version of this gun. There are some differences. His grandfather’s is a .44 special rather than a magnum and it doesn’t have all the pretty engraving. My husband and his brother figured out that that was probably the one thing that they would be fighting about inheriting. So they decided that the best solution would be to obtain another one. Having never shot a .44, my husband started doing some research. Several people recommended H&H Gun Range. We decided to hold off until after Christmas and then take a trip there. We made our first trip that weekend and loved it. New Year’s Day we brought my brother-in-law and his wife to go shoot stuff.

Prior to this I had basically no experience with a firearm. I shot the .44 and decided that I had no business with a freaking hand cannon, but I really liked the 9mm semi-automatic M&P. Mr Smurf turned into swiss cheese.

After spending some time shooting the targets, we headed in to talk to a salesman to work out finances. Turns out, we were approved for their 6 months no interest plan so we decided to go ahead and get the revolver. Well then he showed us the limited edition engraved version. We ooh’d and ah’d and decided we had to take it home. After signing the paperwork, the background check came back with a delay. We know why, it’s a long story. But today the gun was released. Hooray! Now I’ve just got to pick one out for myself. I plan to shoot several of the rentals on the range before I decide what I can really handle. Then we will start the process to get our conceal and carry permits. Long Live the Second Amendment!

Funny that it should be today that my friend over at Casto Creations would write this. Go read it. I’ve never shot a rifle, but I bet my aim isn’t as good as hers was. I’ll get some practice in though. I’ll get there.

Let’s look at the pretty thing again shall we?

Edit: corrected fat finger errors

5 thoughts on “Ooh! Pretty and Deadly”

  1. NICE!!! And a fairly feminine gun. Which I love. I want a girly girly gun. Do they make them in pink? ROFL I doubt hubby would be seen with me if I found one. =)

    And I’ll definitely report the second we get to the gun range. I don’t even know how to put his spare guns together…and I really should.

  2. Well this one isn’t so feminine in person. It’s hubby’s gun. But the gunsmith at H&H says that he can make mine any color I want. Just showing off, he made one green and pink tiger stripe. It’s hideous. The slide is red and blue. The 45 magnum is a big gun. Way to much kick for my little hands.

  3. Hmm, well I did shoot the .44 some more this weekend, and I like it more and more each time. (For some reason I’ve called it a .45 in error.)I’m getting more accurate too. We shall see what I settle into.

  4. Ah yes, the Desert Eagle. They do have one to rent at the range. I’ve been wanting to try it out. They make a 9mm too. It’s the baby eagle.

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