The Costs of Our Common Defense and What?!

The role of the federal government, as our founding fathers intended, was to provide for the common defense and regulate interstate commerce.  That’s it.  The Bill of Rights was not written so that some hot-shot attorney could parse the language later to say that as long as they weren’t stepping on all 10 toes, the other nine were fair game.

Dear Reader has another idea of the role of the federal government.  Watch the first 25 seconds of this video.  You can watch the rest if you want, but the first 25 seconds are very telling.

My attempt at a transcript:

Let’s begin with a simple premise, nobody likes paying taxes.  (Especially this guy to his right.) Particularly in times of economic stress.  But most Americans meet their responsibilities because they understand that it’s an obligation of citizenship. (‘Their’ responsibilities  ‘They’ understand?  Not ‘our’ responsibilities and ‘we’ understand?  What’s with the third person usage there, hmm?) Necessary to pay the costs of our common defense and our mutual well-being.

See, it takes me a while to transcribe him because I’ve got to insert my own commentary in italics.  I guess someone poked him there on the last sentence because he began using more appropriate pronouns.

I find that last bit very concerning.  Absolutely, we must pay taxes to play the costs of our common defense, but since when is my well-being any business of the government?  Why should my tax dollars fund your well-being?  Certainly I wish my fellow citizens well, but wishing and funding are two very different things.

So he says he’s going to crack down on overseas tax havens.  I suppose since he thinks international treaties should take precidence over American soverienty, his pretty words should unlock the secrets of Swiss bank accounts.  And if they don’t comply, this administration will assume they are ignoring our tax laws and act accordingly.  Apparently this means he will appoint them to his cabinet.

But remember kids, it’s for your own good and really, it hurts his teleprompter more than it hurts you.

3 thoughts on “The Costs of Our Common Defense and What?!”

  1. Screw him. I’m working on Shrugging right now. As I figure it, I can be self sufficient within 5 years, if I work hard at it. I’ve had enough of the Democrats, and Republicans, too. A pox on all of their houses.

    Fjolnirsson’s last blog post..The time we have left…

  2. I love how they continue to throw national defense in the budget pie charts as an item most can get behind. Problem is, it takes some creative categorizing to keep it as the single largest expense. If they went and grouped social (gimmie) programs the same way they did ‘national defense’ they’d be somewhere around 70% and national defense, if grouped honestly, would be some where below 25%.

    Screw that.

    Aaron’s last blog post..Feeling somewhat better now

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