It’s been 17 years now, and like many of you, the memories are still sharp enough to hurt. So many words have already been said and written, shouted and sung, whispered and wept. Some by me and many more by others. What more can be said?

Most of the children born that day are now finishing high school, the anger, confusion, and betrayal of the day does haunt them. It’s something they’ve learned from others but didn’t experience themselves. My own child was 2 years old at the time. As far as he remembers, he’s always lived in a country with a Patriot Act and is waging a war on terror. He doesn’t remember how desperate his mom was to run away from the office and wrap him on her arms. He probably doesn’t even remember that there were tears.

I was all of 22, almost 23 years old. It brought reminders of a chilly day in Oklahoma 6 years prior. In the coming days, my heart would again swell with pride for my fellow citizens that rose up and took care of each other because that’s just what communities do. Yet the empty skies above served as a grim reminder of what had transpired.

And here we stand, 17 years later. Bruised but not beaten by those that wish even to this day to destroy us. Lord willing, we’ll stand against them for many more years to come.

4 thoughts on “9/11”

  1. I am old enough to have seen it live on TV. I was not so much pissed at what happened as how we responded to it poorly.
    But to make the day mean something different, I got married on 9/11 this year.

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