Armchair quarterbacks

Always outside looking in

Solutions abound!

Yeah, kinda sorta almost commentary on current events and no, this one isn’t from my backlog of random haiku. I have a feeling it’ll be applicable again.

Yes, facts are static things, but even if a person’s recollection does not match up with actual events, they may not be lying. Memories can be unreliable. In the end, these are real people who must look at themselves in the mirror each day and deal with their own demons at night.

The media circus chews people up and spits them out for public consumption, treating their audience like baby birds waiting for what is regurgitated. Personally, I have more respect for my readers and believe you can spread your wings and find more sources to consume.

2 thoughts on “Presumptions”

  1. I’ve been listening to the Coffee with Scott Adams podcast (it’s the audio version of his live Periscope videos). It’s helped a lot in deciphering the whole “they see the world completely differently” thing.

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