Thank you, Stan Lee

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It's over 20 years late, but thank you, Stan Lee. Bet you never thought that snotty chick from the comic shop in a little town in Oklahoma would be wearing Captain America leggings. Actually, you probably wouldn't be surprised. I shook your hand and told you I didn't read any of those mainstream comics. I liked indie titles. (Yeah, I thought I was edgy.) You told me you just liked heros and seeing the good guys win. Then you smiled and told me you didn't mind that I wasn't a fan. You were just glad I was having fun. I had some sanctimonious junk in my head about the crass commercialism. Blah blah blah. This was around the time Image Comics came about. Angela was my gateway drug. A character who due to a very strange custody battle is part of the Marvel family now. I suppose I'm still following her around. You were gracious and kind. I was a brat. You were right, the world needed heros. Still does. Thank you for bringing us so many and always having so much fun with it. I never got to tell you that I'm sorry for being a brat so many years ago. I don't know when it happened, but you became a hero to me.

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Thank you for making the world more magical and not calling me out for being so full of myself.

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  1. His creations lit up my childhood and young adulthood. Haven’t read comics in decades (I paid 10 cents for my monthly X-Men fix, then bit the bullet and paid 12) or watched much of the movies in years. But I cried when I heard he had passed.

  2. Never got to meet him but I’d read his replies to letters in the back of the comic books, and see him on TV and he made it clear it was awesome to be into comics and heroes and that was awesome for a geeky kid who liked stories instead of sports.

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