Haiku Friday: Black Friday

Black Friday special

Conspicuous consumption

Thankful yesterday

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I smoked a turkey that turned out to be as tasty as it was attractive.

Thanksgiving 2018

I’m calling that a win. Michael made mashed potatoes that were divine. Nothing low fat there.

Thanksgiving 2018

My mother wasn’t feeling well, but we enjoyed the day regardless. My son had to rush off to his retail job to prepare for today’s madness, and I got to love on all the kiddos. I even busted a pickle thief in the act.

Thanksgiving 2018

So, now that we have all that gratitude out of the way, we can barrel right on into Christmas. If you’ve braved that madness to catch the best deals today, I really do hope you did well. I hope you found that perfect thing for everyone on your list and little something for yourself as well. I also hope Thanksgiving sticks with you for a bit too, something more than the pounds from overindulgence.

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