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Prior to this election, I was never really interested in politics. I’ve always had the views that I have had, but never before have I felt such a need to share them. I vote at every opportunity and make an effort understand the choice I am making. That hasn’t changed. But this year, I itch to discuss it. I am reading a ridiculous amount of news regarding who is running, what they stand for, and how they are doing in the polls. Not that polls really mean much.

Something I fail to understand is why the Iowa caucus is so important. So what that it’s first. Just because some people in another state are willing to go out in the cold to say they plan to vote for someone doesn’t amount to squat in my opinion. But apparently since they are first, we are all supposed to follow their example and vote the candidates they pick. I know a couple of people from Iowa. They are nice people, but they aren’t going to tell me how to vote. I’m not even convinced that the whole ‘caucus’ thing is an accurate representation of how the people of Iowa feel.

But for any lemmings out there that want to copy their opinions from someone else, let me tell you how to feel. You should listen because I write a blog.

The Democrats:
They are all basically the same this year. All Communists.

You’ve got Edwards who is really nothing more than expensive hair and a nice smile. His lack of substance is inversely proportional to the size of his hair.

Then of course you’ve got Barack Obama who you know we should vote for because Oprah Winfrey says so. (That’s funny, spell check has no problem with Oprah Winfrey’s name but puts red lines under Barack Obama.) Everyone knows that when Oprah tells you to do something, you should do it. She has more money than you do.

And let us not forget the communist queen herself, Hillary Clinton who shall henceforward be referred to as Hildabeast. If elected, she promises to defeat Capitalism and plunge us into socialism because it’s worked so well for places like Cuba and China. Hildabeast wants to control your medical care so that your doctor visits have all the comfort of your local post office. She wants to control our borders just like her husband’s pants, everyone can get in. Although I think she is the most frightening of the bunch, she is her own worst enemy and I believe her candidacy with self destruct on its own.

I know there are others supposedly vying for the nomination, but we all know they don’t really count.

There is certainly more choice over on the right side of the fence. So many choices, in fact, that conservatives have begun adding new adjectives. The big ones being social and fiscal conservatives. As I am sure you have figured out, I’m a conservative myself. Leaning more to the fiscal side if I must choose. So here’s how I feel about the current crop.

Duncan Hunter and Ron Paul-they aren’t really in the running. So sorry. Get over it and pick a real candidate that might actually stand some chance of winning. All these guys, especially Paul, are going to do is take enough votes away from someone else that the results are thrown off. You do all remember Ross Perot right? He was the only reason we got a Clinton in office in the first place.

I don’t trust Mitt Romney, and it’s not just because he looks like Frankenstein’s monster. He claims that he is a devout morman but that it will not affect his decisions as President. These 2 statements are mutually exclusive. As a morman, you choose to let the church run your life. Either he isn’t as devout as he says or it will affect his presidency. Either way, his statement is a bold faced lie that he thinks his money will force the voters to swallow. Not that lying is anything new to a politician, but that one is too much for me to take. Edit-Added 01/09/2008: Admittedly, my knowledge about the mormon faith is limited. You might find this interesting though. His faith is not the only reason I plan to vote for someone else though. The flip-flopping is a big one there too.

Currently carrying the evangelical vote is Mike Huckabee. He’s a baptist minister from Arkansas. His time as governor is remembered more for his dramatic weight loss than anything that he actually accomplished for the people. Obesity is certainly a problem for the United States, maybe he could help with that. Since he intends to turn the country over to the illegal immigrants, we’ll all need to tighten our belts anyway.

I’ve honestly not really formed much of an opinion on John McCain. His strong suit is defense and national security, and I can certainly agree with him there. I like that he very interested in protecting our second amendment rights. I don’t think he stands a chance in the general election though and so hope he doesn’t win the nomination.

When everyone started throwing their hats in the ring, I was immediately drawn to Rudy Guiliani. He’s got a tremendous record as mayor of New York City. He drastically reduced crime and left them with a surplus in place of the debt in inherited with the office. I don’t really care how many times he has been married. I’m skeptical about his track record with gun control. I still like him overall though. I get the Team Rudy newsletters and everything. Besides, I’ve seen him on the Tonight Show and feel he has enough charm and charisma to win over several democrats and independents.

Finally, we have The Fred. I really like this guy. I also like that he is running because people want him to do so and he feels he could do the job well. He’s not riding the wave of some power trip. He’s bold enough to state his views as they are and not package them for the audience he happens to be speaking to that day. He is who he is, like him or not. I happen to like the guy. Go-Visit the website. Sign up to be a Friend of Fred. He has the best stance on immigration of the lot of them, just for starters. And he’s enough of a man to chew up Obama and spit him into Oprah’s next diet fad.

I’d be thrilled to see a Thompson/Guiliani ticket in the general election.

2 thoughts on “Politics Updated 01/09”

  1. “She wants to control our borders just like her husband’s pants, everyone can get in”

    *Cough* *Sputter* *Laughing too hard*

    bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!

    That is hilarious.

    I disagree about the whole ‘devout’ but separate thing. I can be a devout Christian and not let it affect my work life. I know several mormons who are devout who still work hard and don’t control their jobs via the church.

    I do like Fred but I think he has some issues appearing serious enough. Do you think he’ll get past it? My hubby LOVES him and has wanted to put a sign up in our yard for months now. LOL

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a Guliani / Thompson ticket. 🙂

  2. Okay, I have to admit that I don’t know much about mormonism. Most of what I know comes from the recovering mormons that I know. Check out this link.

    I am a devout Christian as well and it absolutely affects my work life. I voted for G. W. at least in part because of his faith. From my admittedly limited knowledge, mormonism is not the same.

    That’s my one issue with Fred as well. I want to know that he is really in the running before he gets my vote.

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