Spontaneous Parenting

I shaved my son’s head this morning. At 6:30 this morning to be specific. And, shockingly, he didn’t end up looking like a cancer patient. Well, at least to my 6:30AM mind he didn’t. We shall see what he looks like when we pick him up from school. By that point, I will be fully caffeinated.

I’ve been putting off the haircut for far too long. And this child has about three heads worth of hair growing out of his head. Not to mention the giant swirl of cowlick that he inherited from my father. Thankfully that is the gene that decided to skip a generation rather than the one that would have caused me to have twins. Whew! I dodged some kind of bullet with that one. I also got to miss out on the cowlick.

But you know you have to do something when a pair of eight-year-old brown eyes peeks out at you from under a mop of morning anime hair and says, “Mom, would you cut it so short that I don’t have to comb it?” Yes dear, I have clippers. Caffeine deficiency aside, the pleading look had to be answered. So I sheared the 10 pounds of hair off and Dad followed behind to clean up the edges and shave his neck. The hairy neck gene came directly from Dad. Guess that one doesn’t skip a generation. Glad it’s not contagious because I really like sharing germs with Dad.

I dusted the kiddo off and swept up the hair while Dad made morning elixir. Mmm, triple shot of fresh roasted espresso. You can read about our coffee habit here. All of this and we all still arrived at our designated places at the appropriate times. Amazing that such a lack of planning actually works out in a household full of random creatives.

Before you go and think I must have some very strange looking child. What with the hairy neck and cowlick. Really, he’s a very attractive kid. Even complete strangers with no obligation to protect my motherly feelings say so on a regular basis. But he is far more handsome with the mop under control. Just to prove it, here is picture from before the haircut. Cameras are forbidden before coffee in my house.

See, told you. Trust me though, under that hood is an unruly mop. I understand that mine was also completely unmanageable when I was a child. Which would explain the constant braids or pigtails and lack of blinking for the first years of my life.

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