Memorial Weekend Part 1

Our household had been looking forward to this weekend for quite some time.  I’ve been very upset with the rain lately, but the week before the holiday had been nice and clear.  Unfortunately, the rain did shorten the blooming cycle of my peonys.  The plan had been to take them to Granddad’s grave.  His mother always put peonys on the graves of war vets.

We had been planning a camping trip for the last several weeks,  but we didn’t want to forget why we can enjoy the freedoms that we do.  Granddad did not die in action.  It was many years later, but even then it was still right in the front of his thoughts.  In our rush to prepare for the trip, we picked up a couple of flags for his gravesite.

When we got there, he had 8 already.  I added a ninth and searched the cemetery for a military grave lackingone, but was unable to find one.  He’d be thrilled to find that there were 10 by the time we were finished.

From Gravesite
From Gravesite

He would have thought it was funny that we couldn’t just leave once we had finished.  He always did want us to stay a little longer than we had planned.

The car wouldn’t start.  Dead sensor.  It’s fixed now.

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend and were able to spend it with those they love.  I also hope they remembered why such things are possible.

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