Memorial Weekend Part 2

Ah the shooty goodness what camping provides!  What better way to spend a holiday weekend than to take 4 new shooters way off the grid to the middle of nowhere and put firearms in their hands.

We have family land for which directions to include, “after the paved road ends, go a half mile and then turn left at the barbed wire gate.”  We set up camp and took a father and his 2 teenage kids and a friend of ours out to the firing line for the very first time.  We gave a short but thorough safety lesson and then introduced them to the guns available.  Everyone started with a Ruger .22 pistol.

My husband and his brother did an excellent job of much of the one-on-one instruction while I picked points to clarify with the rest of the group and scrambled to take pictures.

Here is Michael showing a 16 year old the basics on a WWII era Smith & Wesson M&P.  This one was quite popular with the group.

From Memorial Weekend 2009

And the 14 year old girl with the same

From Memorial Weekend 2009

I was very impressed by the teaching Michael and his brother provided, but unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of his brother working with the new shooters. All I have of him, is displaying the remnants of a ceramic boy. We had on good authority that the boy was connected to the taliban.

From Memorial Weekend 2009

Here’s the boy prior to shooting. We held him in captivity, but he wouldn’t talk. That may look like a puppy in his arms, but it’s really an incendiary device.

From Memorial Weekend 2009

More pictures after the break.

The father of the teenagers got in on the action too. He handled that AR-15 like an old pro

From Memorial Weekend 2009

I was especially impressed with a friend that hubby and I brought. He’s been a friend for several years. He’s one of those people that we just adore. If I had a sister, I’d marry her off to him. He knew us before we got into firearms and was rather freaked out when we did. And yet…

From Memorial Weekend 2009

I’m pretty sure he enjoyed himself. Later we gathered around the campfire for dinner, adult beverages, and stimulating theological discussion.

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