Tears of a Clown

So some water works from Hildabeast convinced the women in New Hampshire to turn out in droves to support her. Grand. Think that ploy is going to work in office? I can just see it now, the televised plea to terrorists, her face streaming with crocodile tears, begging them to stop bombing our cities. I’m sure that will cause Middle Eastern women to step out in droves…..for their beheading.

Experience? Please. This is a woman whose experience consists of interning with a known Communist in California, hosting dinner parties at the White House, and making sure her husband’s *ahem* cigar was taken care of. But she does have a lovely set of china to show for all her hard work. And lest we forget her failed pet project. All housewives need a hobby right? That’s right, the disaster that was HillCare.

Yes, you can see a lot of ‘change’ coming from the Clinton dynasty. But much like the Dodge of the same name, it may be ugly but it just won’t die. But change is the word this election, as with every election. And she promises-More pantsuits on the podium!

Paging Mr. Thompson and Mr. Giuliani. Gentlemen, the time has come to act. Show us that you are in this race, and we will get behind you. It’s a helluva fight ahead, and I hope you’ve got your boxing gloves.

2 thoughts on “Tears of a Clown”

  1. Well, it’s obvious that she wasn’t taking care of Bill’s cigar otherwise what was Monica doing in the oval office? Clean up detail?

    She won’t be elected I don’t think, but I do wonder if Obama didn’t just get the kiss of death with Kerry’s endorsement

  2. I didn’t say she was taking care of it. I said she was making sure it was taken care of. It’s all about delegating.

    I don’t think she will be either, but it’s fun to watch her self destruct. We can only hope Obama got the kiss of death. Although I’d love to see him get chewed up and spit out in the debates with the GOP side.

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