Ur Doin It Wrong: Write It, Then Vote On It

So the House of Ill Repute passed Cap and Trade by a narrow margin.  We’re supposed to believe that this measure will save teh planet from Glowbull Worming.  You know, since Al Gore said it, it must be true.  Maybe I’m terribly naive, but I kind of think a bill should actually be written before anyone votes on it.   Of course, maybe someone should scientifically prove the existence of Glowbull Worming and the underlying causes.

But instead, teh Pelousy rush, rush, rushed it on through.  Because it’s important that we believe in the power-point presentation.  The world could die!  Cow farts!  Oh the humanity!

And so the Vegetation Asphixiation Act of 2009 is headed to the Senate.  We can hope some great minds actually write something which can be read and voted down.  Don’t hold your breath.

One thought on “Ur Doin It Wrong: Write It, Then Vote On It”

  1. Ain’t that the truth!! But if we could get all the Goreball Warming worshipers to hold their breath….would take care of most of the carbon emissions and along with the politicians whom voted for it!! We would probably have another ice age!!

    maddmedic’s last blog post..Crap and Tax!!!

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