Berkeley vs The Marines

The Problem

As you may have expected, I have a solution. And being a blogger, I am in such a position of authority to present my solution to all who might deem it worthy of reading.

I think the Marines, actually all military entities, should listen to the protesters and council members and immediately vacate Berkeley. I think they should bow to the city pressures and create a city with absolutely no military presence. I know what you’re thinking, hear me out. I think they should then make known to the entire world that the US military has no presence in Berkeley. The military should remain absent from Berkeley until such time as the opposition to them is no longer present.

I give it two weeks.

Notice I did not say that the military should not return until they were invited back. As soon as the unfriendly people of the world learned there was a place on US soil with absolutely no military presence….well let’s just say the opposition would be begging and pleading for the Marines to return to kill those “Exciting and Unusual People.” The appropriate ass-kissing would be offered. But, as I said, the military should not return until these people are gone.

Think of the tax dollars that would be saved. Anyone with a brain in Berkeley would follow the Marines out. We can let the resources of one of our enemies eliminate some entitlement hungry moonbats. Then the Marines can come in and wipe out the enemy without all the travel expenses. Everybody wins!

One thought on “Berkeley vs The Marines”

  1. That would probably work too. Especially since Bezerkly is a ‘sanctuary city’.

    All those interesting people who keep trying to come across the border could be given a pass if they say they are going to Berzerkly.

    But, unfortunately, they are already doing what liberals are good at and caving in to pressure.

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