Non-Sparkly Vampires

Well, in spite of what the post office said, they actually delivered Monster Hunter International on Friday.  I even received an email notification before I got home to find my package.  Good show USPS.  I’ll give you points on this one. My shoes are still scheduled for delivery today.

I’m loving the thrill ride here.  I realize that as an American woman I’m supposed to be swooning over some teen aged brooding sparkly emo type, but I just can’t get into that.  I mean really.  Why would I get my panties all in a bunch over a guy that probably wears a pair that matches?  And I hear he drinks the blood of rodents or something.

In MHI, the monsters are monstrous and the beasts are beastly.  I’m only about half-way through the book, and already I’ve been on an adrenaline rush, nearly brought to tears, and then startling my cat with literal out loud laughter.  And that was in the course of 2 chapters.  It is also making me crazy that I can’t tell my husband about any of it because he wants to read it next.  We should have ordered 2 copies.

I am loving this book.  Not only does it make me want to go out and kick some monster ass, but it’s full of verbal gun porn that doesn’t include anything like “Glock revolver” or “high-velocity magazines.”  The good guys have big guns and the bad guys get hit with lots and lots of lead.  It’s enough to soak Sarah Brady’s pillow with her gun-fearing tears.

And the author is going to be on Gun Nuts Radio tonight.  Yep, definitely tuning in tonight.  Probably calling too.

I highly recommend this book.  I’m not compensated in any way for doing so.  Well, unless Larry Correia decides to send me an autographed copy out of the goodness of his heart.  I would accept it and cherish it until one day I sold it on eBay to put my kid through school.

2 thoughts on “Non-Sparkly Vampires”

  1. Just finished it. Have a few things that I went “Uh.. ‘scuse me…” but still loved it overall.

    Makes me think about dusting off my writings and pushing forward on it.

  2. The description of this book reminds me of the TV show Supernatural. Guns, humor, suspense, really evil monsters, and really cute heroes. 😉

    Season 4 comes out in September, and I can’t wait to NetFlix it! They tend to fixate on a particular demon story arc a little too often, but their freak-of-the-week episodes are awesome.

    I will have to look into this book – I bet my husband will enjoy it, too.

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