Household Advice

When the little whirly thing from your son’s toy gets flung into the far corner of the dining room, turn off the ceiling fan before climbing up on the kitchen table to look on top of the aquarium.

Bonus, those 5 bladed fans can get a couple of whacks in before you get out of the way.

Not that I would know anything about that…

Surely your host here in this kingdom of electrons is smarter than to stand on a glass table with her head in ceiling fan range…  Right?

You just know there isn’t really a lump on the right side of my head sending throbbing waves of pain across my vision.  No, nothing like that…

Couldn’t be.

If I die of a brain bleed, we’re going to blame it on something far more sinister than a ceiling fan.  K?

6 thoughts on “Household Advice”

  1. It was zombies – there were just too many. But, you should have seen her fight them! She was one fine woman, the absolute finest in fact, and I’ll miss her.

    1. I don’t even have shoes that put me in the six foot zone. And I’ve got some pretty impressive shoes. But alas, they would need to be 8 inch heels for that. I’ve seen platforms that tall, but I don’t think those are for me.
      You would think by now that I would be convinced of my cranial integrity.

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