Ted Kennedy Is Dead

As Kopechne’s body was pulled from the dark sedan, the senator told investigators he panicked.

“That tragedy will live with me for the rest of my life…every day for the rest of my life,” he said.

And the tragedy is dead today.  Actually, last night.  No longer can it live with him.  Now Ted Kennedy must finally face Mary Jo.

I know, I shouldn’t say anything at all because I don’t have anything nice to say.  All that speaking ill of the dead stuff.

No, I can be nice.  I sincerely hope that he sought forgiveness of his many sins.  He will be missed by many, but not by me. I’m not heartless enough to celebrate the death of a man, but I’m not mourning.

I will not miss his mafia type tactics to preserve some Kennedy legacy.  As far as I’m concerned, it can die with him.  Americans bravely fought a war to rid ourselves of a royal dynasty.  George Washington refused the opportunity to establish one here.

We can only hope the legacy of lies and cover-ups, rape and murder, ends here.

10 thoughts on “Ted Kennedy Is Dead”

  1. I’ve never bought into the whole respect for the dead bit. If a person is a free wheeling B#$%&*@ in life, then lets be honest about it. I do draw the line at celebrating, because someone has died, and I’m sure he has relatives who truly cared for him. I feel badly for those people.
    Honestly though, I feel like dancing, because a major advocate against the freedom of Americans has passed. Undoubtedly, another will take his place, but perhaps one without the fabled legacy of John F Kennedy behind him.

  2. No tears from me.

    And the nicest thing any of us at work last night could say was that we hoped he got right with God before he died.

  3. Well I am gonna frigging celebrate. I have nothing good to say about this man. He has done more to pave the way for illegals than anyone else and for that I can not forgive him. I hope his life review was a slap in the face.

  4. Your responses do not surprise me at all. There were batty hate-mongers on the left when Tony Snow/Jack Kemp died as well. It’s very disturbing and repulsive. GET.A.LIFE

    fyi–not that any of you care, but this is my last visit to this amateur, hate-filled blog. I hope you all get right with God before you die.

  5. I’m not convinced that Obamican actually read any responses. It’s very interesting that leftists confuse righteous indignation and yearning for justice as ‘hate mongering.’ If I were so deluded, I would be disturbed and repulsed as well. At least he’s got enough self-righteousness and piousness to wish that we ‘get right with God.’ Real classy.

    Obamican – Buh bye. I don’t anticipate that you will be missed much.

  6. Obomican needs some meds readjusted.

    I agree with you Jennifer. Wrote about it yesterday. I didn’t really get all excited or weepy over Reagan’s media frenzy either. Although I admit I do mourn his passing a hell of a lot more than this loser. He was NOT a good man and all the media coverage is making me a little ill.

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