Calling It KennedyCare is a Brilliant Idea

So the Democrats are already jumping at the idea to pass the Health Care ill in honor of Ted Kennedy.  Nancy Pelosi sent out an email encouraging just that.  Robert Byrd is even suggesting that the bill be renamed in his honor.  And you know what?  I agree.  I think it is a great idea.  It’s a perfect characterization.

KennedyCare will be bloated, amoral, and over-reaching.  It will attempt to drown your pain in chemicals rather than treatment, and under it, you won’t get treatment until 10 hours after you actually needed it.  May prove to be fatal.  It will pay lip service to the downtrodden while secretly making deals to hasten your death.

Rather than Kennedy care, I’d like to get the kind of care Kennedy got.

4 thoughts on “Calling It KennedyCare is a Brilliant Idea”

  1. I think congress and the prez should be put on the literal plan proposed for a minimum of one year prior to them passing it to the public unaltered. That would motivate them to not shovel us crap like the proposed legislation.

  2. Oh, without a doubt our elected “leaders” should be forced to be saddled with the very same health care plan they’re currently cooking up for us little folk.

    The very fact that they want absolutely nothing to do with it is very, very telling.

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