That’s Right, It’s Racist

You knew it was coming, if you oppose the president addressing your children without you, you’re racist.  You know, it would have nothing to due with the fact you might have a problem with who he considers great mentors.  Or maybe it’s because he hangs out with Truthers.

Fine.  Make that accusation.  I’ve actually come to welcome it.  Why?  Because I know that when you sink to just calling those that oppose you racists, you don’t really have an argument.  You may as well be doing the I’m rubber, you’re glue playground chant.

Racism was once thought of like a cardinal sin.  Now the word is thrown around so much that its meaning has been cheapened and lost.  It is nothing more that a political tool.  When the left can no longer answer logical opposition, they must sink to character assassination.

Cries of racism have become the default setting.  I’d hate to take that away from them.  Really, it’s all they’ve got.

One thought on “That’s Right, It’s Racist”

  1. The term has lost it’s punch.

    I’m half Norwegian. Half Scot. I identify more with the Scot half simply because of my personality.

    Yet I am neither really, I’m an American, I am an individual. and if I was giving some lecture at a school (which I do) and some parent had issue with the CONTENT (given my career some of it is somewhat adult) and said they didn’t want little Johnny watching it and my supporters said “it’s because I’m half Norwegian” so they are racist they would be laughed out of Dodge.

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