Pill Popping Joe Wilson

Yes, it’s true.  My new hero, Joe Wilson, who only did what Dear Reader asked by calling out someone that was misrepresenting what is in the health care bill, is a pill popper.

His drug of choice?  No Doz.  Yes, the dreaded caffeine.  He is clearly a rebel.  He’s hooked on a substance that breaks the i-before-e rules!  He’s been known to actually attempt to be alert and paying attention on the Congressional floor.  For heaven’s sake, we can’t have that.  He might notice some mistruths and call them out.

And then he’ll get this look from the 3 stooges

Complete with naughty finger.  I have to wonder if the cracking from San Fran Nan’s face was audible.

This picture is priceless and deserves a caption contest.  Winner gets…um…noticed.  I’ll let you know if I come up with  less-lame prize.

12 thoughts on “Pill Popping Joe Wilson”

  1. laughing too hard to come up with a suitable caption. ^_^

    But for some reason, I get the feeling that the president should be holding a rolled up newspaper, Nancy P should be holding a spray water bottle, and Say-it-aint-so-Joe should be yelling “No! Bad Republican! Go back in your corner!”

  2. I’ve been busy trying to get Sebastian out to Reno, clean house so I could pretend I’m a better housekeeper for my mom’s visit, and plan her visit this weekend the last few days. Because of that, I only skimmed a headline about this caffeine mess. I skimmed it so quickly that I thought it was a joke site – like a funny headline on Fark. Until your post, I had no idea this was actually a “real issue.” Wow. I think I need to engage in a little more retail therapy to get this insanity out of my head.

  3. OMG that photo is priceless. I heard it on the radio but wasn’t sure that I’d really heard it correctly. I was laughing so hard. And I kept yelling at the radio “liar!” myself.

  4. Channel R. Lee Ermey.

    “Who said that? Who the f*ck said that? Who’s the slimy little capitalist sh*t, gun-toting conservative up there who just signed his own death warrant?”

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