Obama is Absolutely Right!

Kanye West is indeed a jackass.  Finally, a point that we can agree on.  I feel all bi-partisan n’stuff.

Funny, I didn’t even know who Taylor Swift was before all of this.  Now I want to check out her stuff just because Kanye West is a jackass.

Let’s all get beyond all the bickering about the horrendous health care bill and attempting to make Joe Wilson sit in a corner.  We can all support Dear Reader in this statement.  Kanye West is a jackass.

The jury is still out on whether he was denoucing Kanye’s abhorrent behavior or calling him the symbol of the Democrat party.  Either way…

3 thoughts on “Obama is Absolutely Right!”

  1. I’m already madly in love with Taylor Swift; this just makes me more so, because anyone that Kanye West is pissed is automatically on my “awesome” list…

  2. Definitely check her out. My favorite track is “You Should’ve Said ‘NO!'”

    But I find her music a very playful romantic sort. Always makes me think of my wife.

    One of the few country artists I’ve bought a CD of. Okay, if you exclude Charlie Daniels. I think it’s the ONLY country album I’ve bought.

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