And In Today’s Edition of Totally Missing The Point

The liberal blog, Think Progress, thinks there is irony in the fact that Tea Party protesters were less than satisfied with the performance of a government agency.

Uh huh.

So it’s ironic that those of us that don’t want government taking over health care think that the government managed transportation system is inefficient?  Or maybe they think it’s ironic that the protesters assumed they should be able to take advantage of a service they’ve paid for.

Or maybe lefties think that since the government is doing such a stellar job in preparing for events for which there were several months of advance warning, that we should give them the reigns on how to handle sudden heart attacks and injuries.  What a brilliant feat of logic!  We can just wait in long lines for the very few doctors.  We won’t have to worry about some government death panel deciding when to unplug Granny, she’ll never make it far enough up the line to get plugged in in the first place.  Think of the cost savings.  It’s sure to create and save jobs in the funerary business.

Taxed Enough Already means that we are already paying for too many sub-standard services.  We’re not exactly excited about the idea of paying for more of them.

I suppose lefties use a different dictionary.  Irony apparently means predictable and true to form.  Much like racism means disagreeing with the left.

One thought on “And In Today’s Edition of Totally Missing The Point”

  1. Actually, the regressive progressives of the political left are the racists. The CONSERVATIVES were the ones who completely integrated the Federal Government, until a “progressive” Woodrow Wilson came along. It was not until a conservative Harry Truman integrated the armed forces, set off the Dixiecrat rebellion and almost lost the Presidency did the integration get restarted.

    Lyndon Johnson was a conservative Senator, until politics got the best of him. The Civil Rights Act had little support until Conservative Republican Everett Dirksen got on board. And so on and so forth.

    The regressive “progressives” have always given minorities a hard time. Unless they needed our votes, at which time they are willing to grant lip service to minorities.


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