I suppose you actually want to know something about me since you clicked this link.

I’m 3031 32  33 34 35 37 years old. I’ve been happily married for 10 11 12  13  14 1516 years, and I am the mother of a 10 an 11 a 12 a 14 a 16 year old boy. I’ve lived in Oklahoma all my life. Other places are nice to visit, but this is home.

I work in accounting in the fuel industry. No, I will not discuss fuel prices. Yes, they suck, and no, I don’t get a discount.

I enjoy musing about current events, politics, and whatever else strikes my fancy that particular day.

I’m strangely looking forward to my first piece of hate mail (I did get a death threat!  So that’s something.). I consider it a sign that I’m reaching people on a personal level.

I don’t do this for free. There are ads. I am working with BlogHer and believe them to be a respectable organization. You are free to totally ignore them if you so choose, but I’ve seen some pretty nifty things there. My opinions are not influenced by my advertisers in any way. They are my own. I will accept additional advertisement and items for review purposes.

If you would like to contact me directly, email jennifer AT injennifershead DOT com

19 thoughts on “Me”

  1. I just wanted to thank you for a great blog I have read both yours and your husbands as a new transplant to oklahoma from Oregon *ewww left coast* I have found it a joy to behold that another thinking foodie scotch drinker exist in the state. Be well and good night.


  2. Richard, you were right to leave. PDXers now think it’s OK that their scum-sucking (oops, added an extra “S”) Mayor is ok for being dishonest.

    Quite honestly, I don’t care about his “orientation”, but I do care that he lied and now the city doesn’t have sack enough to do anything about it.

    I don’t live there though, but it is an embarrassment to our state.

  3. Jennifer,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Oklahoma is a beautiful place.

    I enjoyed reading your insights.

    best of luck and let me know if there is anything that NLTZ can do for you.


  4. I’m wondering what your daily hit count is up to these days. Seems like you’re getting awful popular. (throw in a okie accent.) 🙂


  5. Like the blog. Found out about it through geekologie. Keep up the fight for the conservative underground!

  6. Hey there! I just discovered your blog while looking for new ones to add to my site! I live in Oklahoma as well and am an avid shooter!

    Do you mind if I add your Blog to my site?

    And I will agree regarding the hate mail. There truly is nothing like receiving your first few pieces of hate mail. When I got mine, I realized that people were actually listening to what I had to say and following my site! Keep up the great work and feel free to stop by sometime! very pro-Libertarian, pro-gun, pro-common sense! Cheers~

  7. Came over here from Lawdog and kinda like this joint.
    Bookmarked under ‘kool chick gunnies’.
    Your post on hollywood monkeys was outa the park.

  8. I stumbled on your blog while doing a search today. As I read your comments, I thought to myself, here is a person that thinks the way me and my family do.

    We are transplanted Texans living in Michigan now, a very “Blue” state normally, but it turned pretty “red” last November. Best regards!

  9. I also stumbled upon your blog and, fankly, I like the way you express yourself. You will be treated with all due courtesy and respect even if I don’t always agree with you. I hail from West Virginia and we are a very gun-friendly state here with many people enjoying the shooting sports in general. Keep expressing yourself freely as you are very articulate.

    Dan Cain, Sr.
    Saint Albans, WV

  10. Hey, I love your blog, sis. I was curious if you or ER had a way to find a certain thread.

    I’m looking for the thread about everyone’s gunny(sp?) stories.

  11. I’m adding you to bookmarks and such in FF and plastering parts of that post all over G+. The two quotes I’m saying.
    “Semper Fi”

    Been to Oklahoma once. Actually Ft. Sill. Hot the first week and rained the second and cooler and a couple days cold. And also very muddy. This was two weeks training in the USMC. And over 40 years ago.

  12. Oh Lawd! Found your site surfing about. You are on my bookmarks bar fer sure! Gonna tell my peeps about ya too! Keep on rolling! Well, TTFN, gotta go clutch my bible and guns, and get to work so I can generate fodder for the zombies.

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