Stolen!  It was stolen again!

I left for the weekend (pictures here), and they took it!

Bastards.  They stole the hour yet again.  I thought I could escape by watching sunsets and sleeping under a sky like this.

ripples in the sky

But they still got it.  Michael even had a lady friend helping with sighting in the new dissaptor conversion

Michael's lady friend

She may be cute, but she’s a predator, make no mistake.

And she recognizes a great tool when she sees one.

Rapture's target

Later, I tried to scare them away with a fire dragon

fire dragon

And yet, in the morning, although the impossibly blue sky denied it, the hour had been stolen

blue sky

Heidi tried to stand guard.  Maybe we need a bigger guard dog.

standing guard

But Liberty and I are at the ready.  We will get that hour back if it takes until fall!


It may take many trips to the woods and many rounds of ammuntion, but the hour will be regained!

The Big One-Oh

We decided to celebrate kiddo’s birthday one month early.  We knew what we wanted to get him and that it would be best if we could get out to the farm.  This time of year, it is often way too cold for such activities.  This weekend turned out to be perfect and so we jumped on the opportunity.

Read all about it over on hubby’s blog.  You won’t be disappointed.

Idiot Stamp

When you’re zeroing in on that gold bead front sight to make a long range shot with your .357, don’t lean in. Don’t forget that the last box of .357 Magnum that you picked up was a little extra spicy.
If you do, you may wind up with a gash that looks like this.

Idiot stamped on forehead
Which bears a striking resemblance to the shape of this.

rear site of my 627
Yep. That would be my big N frame .357. Not my little snubby. Hasn’t happened with the scores of spicy .357 rounds that I’ve put through it. And no, not even Michael’s .44 Magnum has ever bitten me like that. Now I know why they call it a blade site.
But I did make the shot. Barely.

When someone presents some moronic hair-brained scheme to my mother, she always asks, “Do I have idiot stamped on my forehead?” I sent her the picture so she would know what that looked like.

(Welcome Breda readers!  I promise, I’ll get your comments approved shortly.)

Look What Followed Us Home

Even Heidi is excited about it

It’s an evil black rifle!  Also known as an AR-15.

and I love this shot.

I’m so proud of that kid.

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3AM Text Message

You know what I was doing at 3 o’clock Saturday morning?

I was not being interrupted by a thumb typed message.  I was sleeping quite blissfully next to my newly 30 year old husband.  We awakened from our non-text filled slumber several hours later.

We decided to celebrate hubby’s 30th birthday by meeting some friends at the range.  Our very dear recovering liberal friend arrived to surprise hubby.  She’s been away.  I’m very proud of myself for not ruining the surprise of her arrival.  She was also fresh from a non-text sleep.  (See how far she’s come.  She even owns a couple of handguns now.)  But she had heard the announcement on the radio on her way down.

Biden.  Eh. Certainly not news worth waking up at 3am to hear.

We headed out for coffee.  And just to make sure to piss off every niche group on the left, I will point out that an animal died for my breakfast.  A very tasty animal.  Probably not grain-fed either.

We then headed across town in my friends gasoline powered SUV.  (Alright-it’s no guzzler.  It is in fact, quite efficient, but she did drive it many miles out of her way for the event.)  Next stop-Army surplus!  There we fondled the firearms before finally purchasing some ammunition.

Off to the range.  Oh wait!  I failed to point out that there were seven handguns in the car.  Two of which were loaded and holstered.  I’m sure the fact that we were practicing our second amendment rights in such a fashion is sure to piss off another group.  Let’s see, we’ve pissed off the Obamabots by not clinging to our phones at 3 in the morning.  We’ve pissed off the vegetarians and vegans.  We’ve got the followers of the Gorebecile too.  Got the anti-gunners.  Both the group that thinks guns are inherently evil and those that think it is fine to own them just as long as you’ve rendered them completely incapable of using for self-defense.  I’m sure there was some other lefty group we offended before 10am.  They are just so dammed sensitive.

The range session was enjoyable and much needed.  I got my best friend to actually shoot a handgun.  We burned through lots of lead and made absolutely certain that those sheets of paper would never harm anyone.  One of the guys at the range counter sang to Michael.  (Does a singing Marine offend any lefties?  He did include a job at gays.  It might be easier to keep count of the sub groups that we did not offend.)

Once our lead was spent, we headed to range cafe to get some lunch.  More tasty animals died so that we could eat.  And someone had the audacity to milk a cow so that our nachos could have cheese too!  That’s got to gets some vegan’s hemp panties in a wad.  I don’t think I’ve ticked off the feminists yet.  Hmm.  Oh yeah!  My husband picked out what I ate.  He ordered it and paid for it.  (We weren’t that hungry and had decided to split something.  I didn’t care what.)  Over lunch, the four of us talked about what a cool guy George W is and other political points while we waited for my parents to show up with our son. (Who was once a fetus that didn’t get aborted.)

Our recovering liberal friend had to get back home, so I got my parents drive 30 miles out of their way in their SUV (which is a guzzler, incidentally) to take us home.  At home, we drank gin martinis, disciplined our child appropriately, and worked on Michael’s new holster.  Another product for which an animal died.  He used some of my make-up sponges which I had gotten back in the days of modeling school to apply the finish.

I’m hoping that to celebrate the 30 years my husband has been alive that we successfully participated in at least 30 events that pissed off a liberal.  Did we make it?

1. Ignoring the Obamessiah

2. Eating meat for breakfast

3. Supporting small business (the local coffee shop) ** bonus points that it is a Christian owned shop

4. Driving excessive miles in a non-hybrid/alternate fuel vehicle

5. Carrying concealed firearms

6. Supporting an Army surplus store

7. Continuing the corruption of our formerly liberal friend

8. Visiting the local gun range

9. Being entertained by a Marine

10. Laughing at stereotypes

11. Eating more meat for lunch.  (can I count the different meats seperately?  It’s my blog, I make the rules)  this one is beef

12. This one is pork

13. This is for the cheese.  Vegans hate that

14. Traveling in a different SUV to get home

15.  Actually, all three vehicles that arrived at the range for our party were SUVs, so I’m counting it again

16. Discussing GW Bush in a positive light

17. Living in a traditional marriage (one man, one woman)

18. Requiring our son to follow rules and treat his elders with respect

19. Making a holster

20. Out of leather

21. Being the kind of woman that would even consider modeling (OBJECTIFICATION OF WOMEN!  EEK!)

22. Praying with our son before bed (to the Christian God!)

23. Sorting our brass for the purpose of reloading it.

24. Drank gin martinis

25. Drank beer.

26. Completely ignored the media

27. Raising our un-aborted fetus

28. Chatting on a couple of gun forums (Michael)

29. Chatting on a gun forum (Me)

30. Enjoying the life being capitalist pigs has earned us

There are probably more things.  I’m not sensitive enough to catch them all.  Feel free to add anything else in the comments.

Happy Birthday Honey!  We pissed off a lot of liberals in celebration of your time on the planet.

Oh By The Way!

I bought another handgun last night.  And for the first time ever-I didn’t get delayed on the NCIS check.  They usually have to put my latest firearm purchase in the safe for a couple of days while they verify that I really am not a mass murdering maniac that eats children and puppies for breakfast.  I’m sure the fact that I had skipped breakfast yesterday helped me out on that one.

So I am now the proud owner of a brand new Smith & Wesson 640.  It’s a little J frame that I will be able to carry concealed one day when I finally get my license.  I’ve filed my paperwork and am playing the waiting game.

For those of you not familiar with S&W model numbers, it is a stainless steel 5 shot .357 hammerless revolver.  It is not pretty, but it is beautiful in its utility.  It needs a name.  Hubby’s beautiful model 29 is named Lust, my Performance Center 627 is named Envy, hubby’s Performance Center 586 is Wrath, and the WWII era M&P is Pride.  All that is left in the theme is Gluttony, Sloth, and Greed.  Not having shot it yet, I don’t really know what fits.  I’m apparently going with an ironic name regardless.  It could be Gluttony as the smallest handgun in the stable, Greed being the one that holds the fewest rounds, or Sloth as a gun capable of shooting one of the fastest factory loads.  We shall see.

Today’s Free Shooting Lesson

Because I know that you all are seeking shooting advice from me. So I thought I would provide a pictorial reference.

So, without further adieu….
Good Grip Technique
Here is a demonstration of good grip technique. Notice that the back-strap of my revolver is in the webbing between my thumb and forefinger. This helps with recoil. Very important when shooting magnum loads.

Bad Grip Technique
Bad grip technique. Looks more like the movies, but is not a good way to shoot. This will slam that magnum recoil right into that thumb joint.

And why is that important? So your hand doesn’t end up looking like this.
This is why

Yeah, that smarts. Me, apparently not so smart for this particular range trip.

You know what else I learned that week? I hold my pen in exactly the same place as my incorrect revolver grip. I got to have a daily reminder for seven full days before the next trip to the range. And guess what? I didn’t make that mistake again.

Meeting Expectations

I did that stupid thing that mothers are warning us not to do. I invited someone that I had just met on the internet to meet me in real life. Yeah, in person, face-to-face and everything. I’m half crazy. but you probably already knew that. Although, I will say that if you are going to meet a new online friend in person, the gun range is a damn fine choice in venues.

My impulsiveness paid off, and we had a really good time. I hope that I have a new friend. Thanks Rachel! And it’s an open offer to come shooting with us any time you just happen to be our direction. Even if you did set the bar a little high for me.

I’m getting to be a pretty good shot with my .357. Look here then here, in that order. I practice with it a lot and have been constantly seeking the advice of the advanced instructor. His advice has been invaluable, and I think I owe him dinner. That might just be fun anyway.

But this weekend, the .357 wasn’t my focus. One of the guys in my office loaned me his .40 Sig Pro to play with and take my carry and conceal test. In Oklahoma, if you take your test with a semi-automatic, then you can be approved to carry a pistol, a revolver, or a derringer. If I were to take the test with my revolver, then I would be limited to wheel guns. I want to keep my options open. The Sig is a sweet pistol. I loaded 10 rounds in my first magazine, took aim at my target which was less than ten feet away, and proceeded to only punch 2 holes in the paper. Nice. Yeah, that’s promising. I didn’t have any trouble with recoil. In fact, it doesn’t kick as hard as what I’m used to. No, apparently, I was having trouble lining up the sights correctly. With the next magazine, I made a straight line up the center of my target and should not have any further problems, but I have to admit that I kind of felt like I needed to be issued a helmet and mittens for that one.

Overall, we had a really good time. I got to make a new friend too which is always a good thing. Oh yeah, and we bought another gun too. It’s a WWII era Smith & Wesson .38 special M&P. If you’ve never had an opportunity to fire one of these, you are missing out. Once it’s home, I’ll post some pictures.