Lime Soy Stir Fry Chicken


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Repaired the lid and saved dinner #calamityjen

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Why yes, it was delicious, fairly nutritious, and easy. Calories? Yes, I’m certain it had them.

If you’ve been lurking around my corner of the internet, you should know by know that I don’t really do the recipe thing. I make it up as I go and generally bleed, or blister, or otherwise injure myself in the process of making the food. This one is certified injury-free, but was not without issue.

I know. Special skills.

Anyway, so here’s what I did. While heating some red palm oil in a pan, I minced an entire bulb of garlic. Yes, I said bulb. You people who can just add a single clove confuse me. I then threw that into the pan with a little soy sauce and some Carolina Reaper paste. I let that simmer down until the garlic was mushy and the air made you blink and added 5 chicken breasts. These were pre-seasoned with herbs-n-stuff, but you can add whatever you like. We’re still on the low setting on the gas stove. I put the lid on and let those simmer.

While the chicken was simmering, I chopped up some red and green cabbage (a quarterish of a head each), one carrot, and some daikon radish (about the same volume as the carrot) and put them all into a bowl with some sea salt to extract some of the liquid.

Flip the chicken, shake the veggies around to make sure everything gets salted.

Once the chicken was mostly done, I used the edge of the spatula to cut it into bite sized pieces and then stir it all around to make sure all the surfaces are covered with the juices from the pan.

While the chicken continued to simmer, I made sauce. That is approximately 2 tablespoons cornstarch, 2 tablespoons soy sauce, and 2 tablespoons lime juice. Stir it until homogeneous and dump over veggies. Cover the bowl and shake, shake, shake senora. Shake the veggies Lime! Work, work, work, senora. Work it all the time.

You hate me now, don’t you?

Discover that the little screw that holds the handle on the lid has backed out into the chicken. Lid is also very hot. Find oven mitts and remove lid and screw. Dump in veggies and stir. Fix lid with butter knife. I suppose you could use the screwdriver that you’ve got in the junk drawer in the kitchen, but what fun is that? Replace lid. Let simmer for 15-20 minutes and cut the heat. Let sit for another 10ish minutes and serve. Veggies should still be crunchy. If you prefer mushy veggies, simmer until desired texture is achieved.

There you go, low-carb and could easily be gluten-free provided you used gluten-free soy sauce which I did not. The pepper paste could be omitted entirely if you didn’t want the spice.

End of an Era

Adventures await

The only constant is change

Never be static

Yes, I know I missed last week. Haiku Friday is a new feature and sometimes life throws curve balls. The line for refunds forms to the right. Have your receipts handy.

End of an Era

Thirteen years in sixteen boxes. I don’t know yet what the next adventure will be, but I really do believe it’ll be even better than the last. One must have endings in order to have new beginnings and all of that. I’ve no intention of being knocked down.

Meanwhile, maybe I’ll get to spend a little more time tending my little corner of the internet. I make no promises. Hopefully, I’ll have time to take more pictures. I’ve got a little wiggle room to really figure out which path to choose, or more likely do the very Jennifer thing and blaze my own once I’ve got an idea of where I’m going. I’m glad you’re along for the ride, but I do recommend you buckle up and perhaps consider wearing a helmet. And you probably shouldn’t eat the ornamental peppers.

Ornamental Peppers



Armchair quarterbacks

Always outside looking in

Solutions abound!

Yeah, kinda sorta almost commentary on current events and no, this one isn’t from my backlog of random haiku. I have a feeling it’ll be applicable again.

Yes, facts are static things, but even if a person’s recollection does not match up with actual events, they may not be lying. Memories can be unreliable. In the end, these are real people who must look at themselves in the mirror each day and deal with their own demons at night.

The media circus chews people up and spits them out for public consumption, treating their audience like baby birds waiting for what is regurgitated. Personally, I have more respect for my readers and believe you can spread your wings and find more sources to consume.

Hi, My Name is Joe

Taken for granted

Forgot to toot your own horn

No trophy for you

We all forget sometimes. I know I’m guilty of being my own worst enemy, and I bet you are too. Once in while, maybe try to be your own cheerleader. You’re over there saving the world one little bit at a time while your horn sits gathering dust.

We’re Joe and we’re working in the button factory. Boss keeps asking if we’re busy, and we just keep saying no. Pushing the button with your head yet? Did you mention that maybe you’re running low on extremities? Might be time to squeak a little, just saying.



First Ever Haiku Friday

Looking for content

A much neglected website

Stay tuned for something

For what exactly, I don’t know. Maybe you’ll just get random Haiku Fridays. I do have a collection of mostly terrible haikus (Spellcheck hates that. It’s making with the red squiggly.) written to entertain a former manager and mostly myself. Penelope Trunk says poetry will help your career. My sample set seems to disagree. What is the plural of haiku anyway? Apparently, it’s haiku and I was really wanting that question to be in haiku form.

Anyway, I make no promises. This free ice ice cream machine isn’t the current model, and I can’t afford the new one so we’re just going to have to deal with some quirks and glitches while I try and get this mess up and running again. Please pardon the mess.

Here have a bonus

You made it all the way through

A gold star for you


It’s been 17 years now, and like many of you, the memories are still sharp enough to hurt. So many words have already been said and written, shouted and sung, whispered and wept. Some by me and many more by others. What more can be said?

Most of the children born that day are now finishing high school, the anger, confusion, and betrayal of the day does haunt them. It’s something they’ve learned from others but didn’t experience themselves. My own child was 2 years old at the time. As far as he remembers, he’s always lived in a country with a Patriot Act and is waging a war on terror. He doesn’t remember how desperate his mom was to run away from the office and wrap him on her arms. He probably doesn’t even remember that there were tears.

I was all of 22, almost 23 years old. It brought reminders of a chilly day in Oklahoma 6 years prior. In the coming days, my heart would again swell with pride for my fellow citizens that rose up and took care of each other because that’s just what communities do. Yet the empty skies above served as a grim reminder of what had transpired.

And here we stand, 17 years later. Bruised but not beaten by those that wish even to this day to destroy us. Lord willing, we’ll stand against them for many more years to come.

Missed Connections, A Tragic Short Story

It’s been a while so I figured I may as well drop a little content here. I posted it a few days ago on Facebook, but I think it deserves a place here because, well, it just does.

She put on her finest outfit. The one that always drew his attention. Patiently, she waited. Seeing him across the way, she began her dance.
He knew she would be there and dashed as fast as he could, throwing caution to the wind. Tonight would be the night. There she was, beautiful. He watched her move. He’d waited his whole life for this moment.
He was right there. Surely he could see her. Slowly, carefully she danced in his direction, but he came no closer.
He was ensnared. He tried to signal her but he was unable to approach. He’d been caught by something and couldn’t escape but he had to let her know how he felt. Desperately, he signaled while being wound ever more tightly.
Drawing closer, she began to realize something was terribly wrong. He was singing their song, but he’d stopped moving. She must have gotten to him. Hope dimmed and slowed.
He flashed his last as the femme fatale had her way with him.
Thus ends the front yard firefly romance foiled by an orb weaver.


New Year, New… Nah, Still the Same Me

Maybe? Sort of. I mean, I am always me but I am an always evolving and changing me. Or, at least I hope to be anyway.

Here we are, it’s 2018. I’d like to promise you all more regular content in the new year, but I can’t. This whole going back to school while working a more than full time job thing saps a fair amount of the blogging mojo. I miss it though, so hopefully I’ll find some moments to squeeze in more blog time.

So, what has Jennifer been up to lately? I’ve taken up weight lifting. Just a little, but I’m really enjoying it. I’ve got friends that are far more hardcore about it. Competitive lifting types. I’m not trying to get there, but I’m enjoying the added strength and muscular definition. Generally speaking, even with the scoliosis and extruded disc, my back doesn’t hurt anymore. Yeah, I still need regular adjustments, but I’m not likely to throw something out in my day-to-day activities or even a heavy yard work day. If you follow me on Instagram, you’re likely to get tired of flex pics and food. Don’t expect a lot of activity there either.

Still making progress towards the accounting degree. I’ll happily talk assets, liabilities, and equity and the various ways to figure depreciation with you. I’m apparently a glutton for punishment and am taking some programming courses to satisfy the elective requirements. Current course is Secure Coding in C/C++. Got to be honest, it still sounds like a lot of gibberish, but everything I’ve written so far works, so there’s that.

I moved from a supervisory role to an analyst role professionally. It’s a lateral move that should allow me to explore some projects that interest me personally. It’s different and kind of scary, but I really do think it’s going to be a positive move for me. It’s been a long time since no one reported to me, but the new flexibility should be exciting.

Doing some more photography. Something that really warms my heart is that I’ve been able to use it to give back to my community. That picture in this slide show here with the boy that’s so happy with a blanket is mine. This one
Just a blanket
This organization serves disadvantaged youth in the community and they asked us to come and take pictures for the Christmas party. All these kids make Christmas lists. This boy only asked for a blanket because he’d never had one of his own. I’m so humbled that I was there with my high-dollar camera and fancy lens to capture this moment. I wanted to run out and buy a pile of blankets and build him a blanket fort. This is one of my favorite photos that I’ve taken, and it simultaneously makes me want to smile and cry. It’s easy to get hung up on the fact that I don’t live in a nicer house or drive a nicer car, but I’ve always had a blanket that I can call my own. His joy is real here. At his feet was a duffel bag full of beautifully wrapped packages that he didn’t touch. The blanket was the only thing he wished for.

For 2018, I want to take a lesson from blanket boy and celebrate the small blessings. I have a roof over my head and food to eat. I have a job I enjoy and work with an amazing team of people. I have the most amazing friends and family and the lines separating such are fuzzy to non-existent. I am blessed and rich in the things that are actually important. I want to actively celebrate that.