Kilted to Kick Cancer: OldNFO

He would have pictures up, but you’d need a security clearance to see them. Yes, our own International Man of Mystery is soliciting your funds to help find a cure.

ktkc-flyer-940x682 (1)

He’s even sweetened the pot by putting up not one, but two signed books for anyone that donates $50 in support of Team Old NFO.

I haven’t gotten a sneak peek at this second book (I was a BAD beta reader the first time around), but if you haven’t read his first book, you need to. It’s got action, adventure, and characters that you’d like to have over for a BBQ. I will be picking up the second book at my earliest opportunity. OldNFO is a good friend, most certainly to me, but I’d be willing to bet that he is to you also. Even if you don’t know it.

Even if you can’t give, get checked. Those statistics are no lie.

And if you can give, Team Old NFO could use your support. And you could get a couple of really great books out of the deal. They make great gifts too.


Kilted to Kick Cancer: JayG!

That’s right folks! Today’s Kilted to Kick Cancer highlight is that bald-headed biker dude.

You know, I was just going to quietly* donate so I could stack the deck in my favor of winning the York Arms lower that he’s raffling off. You know, because I can’t just have one half built rifle in the living room. Two is one and one is none, right?

And then he went and upped the anty

And if you were the lucky winner of the York Arms stripped lower, you could build one just like you want, too. Tell you what. I’ll even up the ante: If I make it into the top three by the end, I’ll toss in a Brownells High Standard lower parts kit to the prize package so that you can (partially) complete your lower. A custom, one-of-a-kind AR-15 lower *AND* a parts kit with which to finish it. And all you have to do is be the lucky winner – but you have to donate to win, and the more you donate, the better your chances…


Curse you and your competitive ways! My plans! Foiled! *shakes tiny fist at the sky*

So, if you want to reduce my chances of winning the lower while increasing the likely hood of it actually reaching its potential, then head on over and donate. Remember, your donation is tax-deductible. Make sure to select Team JayG if you want in on the raffle.

Really, whatever team you pick, you’re striking a blow at the beast that targets the men we love.

*Yes, that’s a lie. You all know I don’t do anything quietly.



Ok, since I don’t own an ATV, my best ATV day ever really only consists of nearly rolling my uncle’s ATV when he set me loose with it, but that’s not what this is about. This is about a contest. What follows is a sponsored post by Koplin Sports. I am being compensated for the posting, a portion of which will be going to the Children’s Miracle Network Miracle Marathon that I am “running” this month and also Kilted to Kick Cancer. No, they aren’t giving me an ATV even though I really, really want one. Maybe even NEED one. It would be awesome out at the farm for resetting targets at the rifle range and carting stuff around.

Kolpin - ATV in Mid Air

That title sounds like something you’d read in a friend’s Facebook post as a caption for an awesome photo or video, doesn’t it?  Well, it is actually, or will be soon, thanks to Kolpin Powersports.

On Friday, August 15, 2014, Kolpin Powersports kicked-off a social media video contest asking ATV fans to showcase their Best ATV Day Ever by submitting a video for a chance to win a Grand Prize pack from Kolpin worth $1,000.

The Grand Prize is $500 in cash plus a $500 Kolpin online gift card (coupon code).  But if you don’t win the Grand Prize, don’t worry, there are nine other prizes being offered, including four Runner-Up prizes of $250 in cash plus a $250 Kolpin online gift card, and five Honorable Mention prizes, which earns winners a $200 Kolpin online gift card.  Gift cards are only available for redemption at

Kolpin is making it really easy to enter the contest. Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Make your video
  2. Upload your video to YouTube or another video hosting site and once the video is live, copy the URL.
  3. Paste the video URL to Kolpin’s Facebook Best Day Ever contest tab which is located at KOLPIN FACEBOOK COMPETITION PAGE

 The contest has one round of voting and the winner will be determined by a combination of social media fan votes and a judge’s panel comprised of ATV and video buffs who will look for originality and video quality.

Here’s a BIG TIP for you:  once your video is posted, quickly give your friends the URL – email it, text it, post it on your social channels – heck, do everything possible to get as many people as possible to vote for your video. But be quick about it, because voting ends at 11:59 CST on Sunday, September 14, 2014.

This awesome contest is sure to be entertaining, with hilarious, exciting or otherwise excellent videos, so even if you aren’t planning on making a video yourself, be sure to visit the page early and often to vote for your favorites!

If you haven’t heard of Kolpin Powersports, they’re the industry leader in ATV and UTV accessories, offering universal accessories that work with every brand of ATV and UTV. Kolpin has been around since 1943, so you can trust their products, and rest assured that they’re constantly innovating and engineering new equipment to add to their large assortment of other ATV and UTV accessories.

For more information about Kolpin Powersports, call them at 1 (877) 956-5746 or visit their website by clicking HERE.

There’s not much time left to get your videos in, so do it quickly. And you can feel free to link your video in the comments, I’d love to see what my readers submit.

***This is a sponsored post and I am being compensated by Koplin Sports***

So We Had These Two Cucumbers

The last from the garden. Something special had to be done with them. But what? I’ve fermented some delightful sour pickles, but there were just two of these.

What to do? And then everyone’s favorite uncle mentioned Kimchi cucumbers over on the book of face. I was intrigued. That recipe sounded pretty good, but I’m not very good at following directions. Besides, I wanted something a bit more pickle. And then I found this. With a bit of a tweak here and a substitution there, we get this.


Obviously, we didn’t have 6-8 Korean cucumbers, we had 2 cucumbers from the garden. We didn’t have any Korean red pepper either, but we did have some bhut jolokia flakes. And Oops! Apparently we didn’t have any onions in the garden either. Oh well.

I cut the ends off the cucumbers and cut them into approximately 2 inch sections then quartered them as the recipe instructed. I salted them thoroughly and let them sit for 2 hours. It’s odd, but you have to wilt your vegetables in order for them to be crunchy once the fermentation is complete.

While the cucumbers were resting in the salt, I minced the garlic and mixed up the paste. Once the cucumbers were ready, I spread the paste over the spears and crammed them into a mason jar. Then I poured filtered water into the bowl where I’d mixed up the paste, swirled it around, and poured it over the cucumbers in the jar. Always be careful of the water used in a fermentation process. You run the risk of killing the beneficial bacteria if there is any chlorine in your water. Most cities chlorinate the tap water. You know, to kill bacteria. Generally a good thing, but when you are encouraging Lactobacilli, chlorine is not your friend. I topped up the jar with more filtered water and put the lid on loosely. You don’t want any outside air getting in, but there will be some gas that needs to escape. Ferments burp. Then I left it out on the counter for 12-18 ish hours.

From there, we stuck it in the fridge. 5 days later, we had delicious crunchy kimchi pickles. Each bite was bright, cool cucumber followed by the slow burn of the bhut jolokia. Oh yeah, definitely doing this again. Next time, we’re going to try slicing the cucumbers.

Kilted To Kick Cancer

As you all know, we’ve been very active in raising money for Kilted to Kick Cancer since the inception of the project. Now that it is its very own bonafide charity, the boys in non-bifurcated garments can do even more of the great work they started a few years back. The goal is very near and dear to our hearts. My granddad survived prostate cancer as did Michael’s, but it wasn’t without fighting. And the fight left scars which never left them. If you don’t already, you will know someone that will fight this too.

Yes, we are still actively supporting the KtKC drive this year. Michael is wearing his kilt and soliciting donations. We will get pictures up to prove it soon. But we are playing the game a little differently this time around.

There is no Team Evylrobot. I know, but don’t worry, we’ll still break out the shenanigans.

What we are going to do instead is highlight some of the teams that are playing this year and encourage you to support them.

First up: Borepatch


Borepatch isn’t doing this just to impress the ladies, that’s just a side benefit. No, this battle is personal. Prostate cancer took his dad.

There’s an added incentive too. The first twenty donations of $50 or more via Team Borepatch will receive an autographed copy of the amazing The Book Of Barkley.

Why is it so important to support this charity? Because Brigid’s dad is fighting this battle now. If you are a man, you may very well be fighting it someday too. If you love a man, know this is a battle that he may have to fight. This research gives him the weapons.

I support this charity for a multitude of reasons*. But right here is the big one.

Kid got some air

Kid got some air

That kid flying through the air is my son. With enough support, maybe, just maybe they can cure this thing before it’s a battle he has to fight.

Please consider donating to this very worthy cause. And when you do, you should know that your money is not going to line the pockets of some CEO. The guys behind this are donating their time and skills. So please, hit the donation button and pick a team. Team Borepatch would not be a bad choice at all, but really, every dollar is going to a truly great cause.

*another being that men look mighty fine in kilts. I endorse any and all reasons to see more of them.

For The Children


You may have noticed the thermometer over there in my sidebar. Yes, I’m doing a marathon. No, I am not running. I’m just not into activities that have cute little euphemisms for losing bowel control. But I can do this one, and you can sponsor me. Just click on the pic up there or the link in my sidebar. No ice needed.

I am honored to work for a company that gives so much back to the communities where we do business. They have supported the Children’s Miracle Network for many years now, but this is the first year they have challenged those of us in the corporate office to get involved. I couldn’t say no. I have seen the lives that these hospitals have touched. Treating kids is expensive and children’s hospitals never turn a child away regardless of a family’s ability to pay.

I know, you are all picking your teams for Kilted to Kick Cancer right now and I encourage you to do so, but I would be honored if you would consider sponsoring me in this endeavor. Or at least cheer me on for my mile a day. If you’d like, give me some suggestions for how my mile should be completed each day. The rules say run, walk, or achieve forward motion.